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DME Designer Combo Installer V3.5.1 for Win (Previous version)

Important Notice

  • The hardware specification for DME Firmware V3.5x or earlier differs from the one for Firmware V3.8x or later. Therefore firmware V3.5x or earlier cannot be upgraded to V3.81 or later. Also, firmware V3.81 or later cannot be downgraded to V3.5x or earlier. (This does not apply to the SP2060 or ICP1.)
    If you need to upgrade your DME from V3.55 or earlier to V3.81 or later, please contact your Yamaha dealer.
  • Save an up-to-date DME project file (*.daf). Don't update unless an up-to-date &quote;.daf&quote; file has already been saved on your computer. Without the &quote;.daf&quote; file, you will not be able to restore DME operation.
  • When DME64N/24N units running firmware version 3.5x or earlier and DME64N/24N or DME Satellite units running firmware versions 3.81 or later are combined in the same device group, DME64N/24N units running firmware version 3.5x or earlier cannot be designated as the group master.

New Features

  • Now supports Windows 7 and 64-bit Vista.
  • [SP2060 Backup] has been added to the main panel window [Hardware] menu, allowing internal SP2060 data to be transferred to a computer for backup. Multiple SP2060 units can be restored from the backup data.
  • If backup data is restored to an SP2060 unit running a firmware version prior to V1.3, network settings such as IP address will be changed.
    Make sure to restore all the SP2060 units within the device group from the same backup data. If you restore a subset of the SP2060 units, the communication between the master unit and slave units may not be established.
  • The IM8, MSR250, and other external devices can now be specified as External Device.
  • It is possible to select and install speaker library data for third-party speakers into the Speaker Processor component library.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a problem in which the probe monitor or monitoring point operation would freeze up if components were connected with each input port wired.
  • Fixed a problem in which synchronization would fail when you saved a project file in DME Designer V3.0 and then loaded it in V3.5, if a DME8i-ES/8o-ES/4io-ES unit was used.

New Features of the previous version (V3.5.0)

  • New "Program Ducker" component added.
  • New optimizing compiler employs a new algorithm allowing you to get maximum usage of DSP hardware resources.
  • MY16-ES64, MY16-MD64 and MY16-EX are available for DME64N and DME24N on I/O card list.
  • Now you can directly choose the communication port without going to the MIDI SETUP dialog.
  • SB168-ES, IMX644, IPA8200 and NEXO products icons are available as External Devices.
  • DME64N cascade connections across different device groups are now possible.

Fixed Bugs on the previous version (V3.5.0)

  • Fixed a problem in which the files saved by the DME File Storage function could not be loaded if the file names included non-English Latin characters such as umlaut.
  • In the "Language" dialog box, however, you need to set the language to "English/German/French/Spanish" if the file names include Latin characters, or "Japanese" if the file names include Japanese characters.
    The supported firmware is V3.09 or later for DME64N/24N, and V3.11 or later for DME Satellite. In some cases for DME Satellite, however, you might not be able to load the files including Latin or Japanese characters in DME Designer V3.0.2 or earlier even if you save the files in DME Designer V3.5.0 or later.
  • The extension .dme is now not associated with DME Designer if DME Manager (application software for the DME32) is already installed on your computer.
  • Fixed a problem in which a context menu such as for parameter link groups would not appear properly if you added groups repeatedly until overflowing the screen.
  • Fixed a problem in which user modules and user controls would not appear properly when a project file including user module and user control settings was loaded if any user modules and user controls had never been created since the DME Designer had been installed on Windows Vista.

System Requirements

OS Windows 7: (32bit/64bit; Ultimate/Professional), Windows Vista:(32bit/64bit; Ultimate/Business/Enterprise ), Windows XP: Professional
CPU 32bit: 1.4GHz(Windows 7/Vista)/1GHz(Windows XP) or higher Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron family processor; 64bit: Intel 64 compatible processor
Memory 2GB(64-bit Windows 7)/1GB(32-bit Windows 7, Windows Vista)/256MB(Windows XP) or more
HDD 300MB or more
Display 1280 x 1024 pixels, High Color 16bit or higher

License agreement and software

DME Designer Combo Installer V3.5.1 for Win (Previous version)

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