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TF Firmware V1.10 (Previous version)

Important Notice

TF Firmware V1.10 or later is required to use the TF Editor and TF StageMix. Please make sure to use appropriate version of TF Editor which is compatible with your console firmware in reference to the following compatibility chart.

TF Editor(Win)/Firmware Compatibility

TF Editor TF Firmware
1.10 1.10
- 1.01

[Notice: Checking the version number]
You may check the TF main firmware version number from the version field in the About screen of the SYSTEM SETUP screen.

Main Revisions and Enhancements

New Features

  • Now supports TF Editor.
  • Nine Effect types have been added.
    - EARLY REF *1
    - GATE REVERB *1
    - CHORUS *2
    - FLANGE *2
    - SYMPHONIC *2
    - PHASER *2
    - M BAND COMP *2
    *1)Available for FX1, FX2, InsFX1 and InsFX2
    *2) Available for all Effects.
  • The "Brightness -> Bank Change" function has been added and can be assigned to the User Defined Keys and Foot Switch.
  • New Presets have been added to the default Presets of the Channel Library.  To add them to the Library list, execute “Initialize All Memory” after updating to V1.10.
  • The “Gain Unlink” button has been added to the INPUT screen. The Gain Unlink function allows control over the analog gain or the stereo gain of stereo-linked channels individually on a temporary basis.
  • An INPUT screen menu has been added, allowing you to change all input source settings according to the fader bank.

Specification Changes

  • Changed the Preset recall function, which is activated by pushing the [TOUCH AND TURN] knob when opening the LIBRARY screen from the EQ/GATE/COMP/FX/GEQ screen. Depending on the previously selected screen, push the [TOUCH AND TURN] knob to execute Recall EQ, Recall GATE, Recall COMP, Recall FX, or Recall GEQ. If you want to execute Recall CH, as was possible in the previous version, open the LIBRARY screen from the OVERVIEW/CH VIEW screen, or touch the “Recall CH” button in the LIBRARY screen.


  • Processing of the Recording function has been improved, and compatible HDD/SDD drives have been added. For more details, refer to the compatiblity list.
  • Solved some minor problems.

License agreement and software

TF Firmware V1.10 (Previous version)

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