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TF Firmware V2.01 (Previous version)

Important Notice

[Notice: Checking the version number]
You may check the TF main firmware version number from the version field in the About screen of the SYSTEM SETUP menu.

TF Editor/Firmware Compatibility

Please make sure to use appropriate version of TF Editor which is compatible with your TF firmware in reference to the following compatibility chart. Using an unsupported Editor/firmware combination may result in unexpected behavior.

TF Editor(Win) TF Editor(Mac) TF Firmware Tio1608-D Firmware NY64-D Firmware TF Stagemix MonitorMix
3.00 3.00 3.00*3) 1.00,, 1.28 3.0.0 1.2.0
2.50 2.50 2.50 1.00,, 1.28 2.5.0 1.1.0
2.00 2.00 2.00, 2.01 1.00,, 1.26 2.0.0 1.0.2
1.13, 1.12 1.12, 1.13 1.12 - - 1.1.0 1.0.2
1.10 - 1.10, 1.11*2) - - 1.1.0 1.0.1*1)
- - 1.01 - - - -
*1)Please use MonitorMix V1.0.2 when you useTF Firmware V1.12.or later.
If you use previous MonitorMix V1.0.1 with TF Firmware V1.12, some troubles may occur. (For example, MonitorMix is forced to stop.)
*2) TF Firmware V1.11 includes only efficiency improvement of product inspection. So it does not include new function or some improvements.
*3) First release version for TF-Rack(preinstalled version)

TF Editor V2.00 or older are not support Mac OS X 10.11.x.

Main Revisions and Enhancements

Additional Function

  • Now supports NY64-D option card for Dante Interface. Connection with Dante devices (such as Tio1608-D, R series, etc.) is available via the NY64-D. In addition, HA control is also available with Tio1608-D and R series.
- In this version, there are limitations in connections with devices in the same network. You can connect less than 20 Yamaha PA devices or the R Remote application, of which three Dante I/O devices are available for HA control. The Tio1608-D set to UNIT ID 1 to 3 are included in these three only if connected.
- This version can communicate audio and HA control of R series V3.11 if Quick Config is disabled on TF series, and patching is made from/to NY64-D by Dante Controller software. However, if you will share the same R series I/O rack with CL/QL series, we recommend to disable the "HA Control" option on TF series before making the patch, then manage the HA control from CL/QL series.
  • Added “Ping Pong Delay” and “Dual Pitch” effect types.
  • Added a function to control the gain settings of GEQ via faders.
  • Added the “LOAD SELECT” function to be able to individually load selected settings of the TF setting file.
  • Added the “All Nominal” function to set the send level settings of all AUX busses or SUB bus to nominal (0 dB) in the menu of each SEND FROM screen.
  • Added the “Dup. STEREO” function to set the send level settings of AUX busses or SUB bus to the same settings of the channel faders in the menu of each SEND FROM screen.
  • Added the “[TAP] Key Blink” function to disable blinking of the [TAP] key in the PREFERENCE screen.
  • Added the function to send to the SUB bus from ST IN1/2 or FX RTN 1/2.

When recalling a Scene, or a Channel Library stored via the V1.xx version, these send parameters are not changed.

  • Added languages for the HELP screens. The additional languages are:
  • Added some default Presets in the Channel Library. Some Preset data have been modified.
    This change will be reflected when executing the “Initialize All Memory” function after updating to V2.00.

Specification Changes

  • Changed the specification in which the channel names of each stereo-linked mono channel are not linked. However, the channel names link in the permanent stereo channels such as ST IN, AUX9/10, etc.
  • The reverb/ER effects are now available in all FX/InsFX.


  • Improved the timing of the action in the Stereo link operation by the [SEL] keys. Press the [SEL] keys of specified channels to set to stereo link not simultaneously, but in sequence in one-second intervals, and then, keep pressing the keys for about two seconds.
  • Improved the Library screen.
    • Un-recallable Libraries are not listed.
    • You could recall each module such as EQ, COMP, FX, etc from a Preset with different channel types.
  • Network setting is now available when no devices are connected to the Network connector.
  • The data transfer for Meters is now available between the TF series and the TF Editor, even when DHCP mode is set but the DHCP server does not exist with the network.
  • When recalling or storing a Scene via the TF Editor, or StageMix, the Scene number and name displays in the TF series also follow them.
  • The pause function in recording is now available.

Fixed bugs (2.00)

  • Solved a problem in which when operating the analog gain when the input source setting has been set to “INPUT” and channel link has been set to the channel, the analog gain of the channel using the same input signal of the INPUT port (TF5: CH1-8 and CH33-40, TF3: CH1-16 and CH25-40, TF1: CH1-16 and CH17-32) will link regardless of the input source selection.
  • Solved the problem in which the meter could not hold the peak of the OVER level.
  • Solved the problem in which some meters would not work properly when loading the setting file with a different meter point setting.
  • Solved some minor bugs.

Fixed bugs (2.01)

  • Solved the problem in which some faders would rarely indicate slightly shifted values when operating the fader bank or SENDS ON FADER.
  • Solved the problem in which connecting a USB cable between Mac and the console while both are running would occasionally halt the signal processing, and the console would not restore until restarting it.
  • Solved the problem in which a message "Dante Version Mismatch" may appear for a few seconds when making patches from R series V3.11 (Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D, Ri8-D) via NY64-D by Dante Controller.
  • Solved some minor bugs.

Known Issue

  • A message “Two or More HA Controllers may Cause Conflict” may appear when initializing the console while the “HA Control” option in the Slot Setup menu is off. However, the initialization works properly.

License agreement and software

TF Firmware V2.01 (Previous version)

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