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Amp Editor V1.1.0 for Win 7/Vista/XP (Previous version)


New Features

  • The ACD1 is now supported.
  • You can monitor and control compatible amplifiers (Tn/PC-1N/PC-N/XP/XH/XM series) connected to the ACD1.
  • The added "GPI" dialog box etc. enables you to make the GPI input/output settings on the ACD1.
  • The firmware V1.10 of TXn series amplifiers is now supported.
  • The GAIN function was added to each slot input channel, which enables you to easily make input signal levels consistent between analog and digital (slot) inputs.
  • The Scene Recall Safe function was added.


  • The oscillator settings of TXn series amplifiers are now excluded from scene functions, so that the settings are not affected by scene recall operations.
  • Operation ease was improved when copying and pasting parameter settings among amplifiers, due to the fact that copying while online and pasting to the other model amplifiers within the same series are now available.
  • The legibility on System View Creator was improved, due to the fact that the design of each amplifier Type has been revised.
  • Operation ease on the "Alert Setup" dialog box was improved by revising the design.
  • The alert setup files can now be saved and loaded separately for each amplifier type.
  • The channel names on Device Detail View will be updated when the corresponding devices are detected on the network.
  • The Output Mute parameters can now be set to Local Link (Parameter Link).
  • When storing a library item as a file in the Speaker Processor library, selecting the file with security (extension .cep) now also saves the file without security (.ce2) at the same time.
  • The library items for the third-party speakers are now available in the Speaker Processor component library.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed a problem in which some windows would not appear when the computer display setting was switched from multi-display to single-display.

License agreement and software

Amp Editor V1.1.0 for Win 7/Vista/XP (Previous version)

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