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DME Library Files for Installation Series Speakers (V1.8)

Important Notice

<h3 class="headingB01">About DME Library Files</h3> <ul class="normal"> <li>The DME Library files are available to allow speaker processing for the corresponding speaker systems using SP2060 and DME series products.<br />Please read instructions to set up the library files to your DME units. These library data may also be downloaded to the SP2060 speaker processor. </li> </ul>


  • Settings for IS1112 have been added:/li>
  • IS1112.cel: Setting for IS1112
  • IS1112+IF2108.cel: Setting for pole-mounting an IF2108 on an IS1112
  • IS1112+IF2208.cel: Setting for pole-mounting an IF2208 on an IS1112


  • Limiter threshold levels were revised, allowing increased headroom on speaker systems to enable higher output power. After internal testing, limiter threshold levels were raised 3dB.
    - Threshold levels have not been changed on any of the subwoofer models, and on Midpower model (IF2112M and IF2115M) HF units driven in bi-amp mode.


  • Corrected the EQ (Q 5.6->6.0) of HF driver on IF3115/64 and IH2000/64.


  • Settings for IF3115, IH2000 and IL1115 have been added.


  • Optimized settings for wedge monitor use have been added.
  • Settings for passive mode have been added. Although the use of DSP processing is not mandatory for passive mode, the following settings are recommended for optimal performance.
  • Limiter settings have been added to each library file. Limiter settings are enabled by default. The settings assume maximum output gain of DME (excluding DME24N's analog output) is +24dBu and 26dB voltage gain of Amplifier (based on Yamaha PC series amplifier used at -6dB attenuation) for start point. If the set up differs from this, please check the level diagram and change the threshold parameters before using limiter.
    - E.g. If +18dBu output cards such as MY4-DA or MY8-DA96 are used, raise the threshold by 6dB.
    -E.g. If amplifiers with 30dB voltage gain are used, turn the threshold 4dB down.

    Attack time and release time are set to “Auto Mid”. “Auto Mid” of Attack time means approx. half wave length corresponds to HPF cut-off frequency. (e.g. at 1KHz HPF, attack time will be 0.5msec). “Auto Mid” of Release time means 16 x attack time. Note that the use of a limiter does not provide guaranteed protection of your speakers! Please refer to these settings a starting point for your specific application.
  • Corrected the frequency of High Pass Filter on IF2115M95_bi.cel and IF2115M95_bi_sub.cel

License agreement and software

DME Library Files for Installation Series Speakers (V1.8)

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