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IMX644 Library Files (V1.3)

Important Notice

<h3 class="headingB01">About IMX644 Library Files</h3> <ul class="normal"> <li>"IMX644 library files" are processor settings for Yamaha loudspeakers in the form of library data for the IMX644 installation mixer's Speaker Preset feature. </li> <li>To load the preset data to your IMX644, please download the zip file from this page, extract the "spkr" folder and replace the following folder with the new one.<br /> C:\Program Files\YAMAHA\IMX644\spkr</li> <li>Library file names include the following components. <br /> _pa: Settings for Passive mode<br /> _moni: Settings for use as floor monitor.<br /> _sub: Settings for full range speaker when used with subwoofer.<br /> "model"_"model": Settings for combination of specific speakers.<br /> _full: Full space. Use this preset data when any reflection planes are not near the speaker. <br /> _half: Half space. Use this preset data when there is a single plane of reflection near the speaker (e.g. the speaker is in the center of a large wall). <br /> _quar: Use this preset data when there are two reflection planes near the speaker (e.g. ceiling and wall).<br /> _8th: Use this preset data when there are three reflection planes near the speaker(e.g. corner of a room).</li> </ul>


  • Settings for VS4 and VS6 have been added. For high-impedance connection (100V/70V), be sure to apply a HPF to protect the power amp from overload at low frequency.


  • Data for SW115V Concert Club Series subwoofer has been revised.
  • Data for NS-AW392, NS-AW592 Yamaha outdoor speakers have been added.

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IMX644 Library Files (V1.3)

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