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Processor Settings for Installation Series Speakers (V1.6)


  • Settings for IS1112 have been added.
    - IS1112.cel: Setting for IS1112
    - IS1112+IF2108.cel: Setting for pole-mounting an IF2108 on an IF1112
    - IS1112+IF2208.cel: Setting for pole-mounting an IF2208 on an IF1112


  • Corrected the EQ (Q 5.6->6.0) of HF driver on IF3115/64 and IH2000/64.


  • Settings for IF3115, IH2000 and IL1115 have been added.


  • Optimised settings for wedge monitor use have been added.
  • Settings for passive mode have been added. Although the use of DSP processing is not mandatory for passive mode, the following settings are recommended for optimal performance.
  • Corrected the frequency of High Pass Filter on IF2115M95_bi.cel and IF2115M95_bi_sub.cel

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Processor Settings for Installation Series Speakers (V1.6)

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