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TXn Library Files for Electro-Voice Loudspeakers (V1.3)

Important Notice


  • Each manufacturer's recommended processor settings have been formatted for use on TXn series, and may not always guarantee best performance.
  • Yamaha does not support any technical issues on third-party speakers and is not responsible for any damages caused by using this data.

About TXn Library Files

  • The TXn Library files are available to allow speaker processing for corresponding loudspeakers using TXn power amplifiers.
    Please read instructions to set up the library files to your TXn units.


  • Data for X-Line Very Compact series (XLVC) has been added.
  • Changed some of the file names in the library.


  • Release version

License agreement and software

TXn Library Files for Electro-Voice Loudspeakers (V1.3)

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