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Yamaha monitors sound throughout Europe


Performers in Poland, Italy and Germany enjoy ultimate onstage sound, thanks to Yamaha consoles.

Although high quality front of house sound at any live concert is of paramount importance - after all that’s what the audience is paying for - it’s just as important that the performers on stage have excellent sound, which is what makes Yamaha consoles so suitable for monitoring.

As an example, three recent European shows have featured a range of different Yamaha consoles at the monitor position, proving that whether a show is large or small, whether the console is analogue or digital and whether performers use wedge or in-ear monitors, Yamaha mixing desks are ideal for providing the best sound for those on stage.

Held on a naval aerodrome on Gdynia, Poland, the Heineken Open’er Festival is in its seventh year and featured over 60 performances by some of the world’s top bands, including The Raconteurs, Jay-Z, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack and the Chemical Brothers.

On the main stage a Yamaha PM5D-RH and PM1D were specified for the monitor position, complemented by a further PM5D-RH and PM1D at the main front of house position.

Provided by the festival’s regular audio supplier, Warsaw-based GMB Prosound, the Yamaha consoles were specified as a result of artist requests. In addition, with outdoor festivals offering a challenging environment for mixing consoles, the stability and reliability of Yamaha technology gave the festival organisers, the monitor engineers and GMB Prosound’s staff complete confidence that they would perform flawlessly, which of course they did.

Taking place in Venice, Heineken Jammin’ is another major festival sponsored by the drinks giant. Here the monitoring requirements were different, but no less ably fulfilled by Yamaha technology.

Headlined by The Police and ably supported over the weekend by the Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, the Stereophonics, Vasco Rossi and other Italian artists, several of the main acts specifically requested analogue mixing consoles. And with reliability and excellence in monitor sound naturally at the top of the list of priorities, a pair of Yamaha PM5000 consoles were provided.

Ideal for the pressured environment of festivals, where there is minimal time for artists changeovers, the PM5000 combines a ‘pure analogue’ audio path with the best of digital control technology for unprecedented control flexibility.

Featuring motorised faders, illuminated switches and LED indicators, the console’s advanced digital scene parameters include channel on/off switching, assignments and fader positions (see chart below). Up to 990 complete scenes can be stored in the on-board memory and console status can be visually confirmed in an instant. Scenes can also be saved to compact flash memory modules making scene data as easily transferred from console to console as it can be on Yamaha’s digital consoles.

Most importantly, for monitoring applications, monitor time alignment is made easy by a built in DSP delay stage that can be programmed in time, feet, or metre units.

Meanwhile, back in the digital domain, Yamaha’s smaller format digital consoles are just as suited to monitoring applications on the big or small stage. At perhaps the biggest show that Yamaha M7CL consoles have yet been used on, two of the consoles provided monitoring for leading German comedian Mario Barth as he played a sold-out show to 70,000 people in Berlin’s vast Olympiastadium.

As befittied the size of the venue, the show was suitably extravagant with support acts, live music and a thunderous music and firework finale.

“It was a massive show,“ says Stefan Zeiger, Commercial Audio product manager at Yamaha Music Central Europe GmbH. “But the M7CLs were absolutely ideal for the job. They gave Mario and the other performers the audio quality they needed, while the technical crew had the versatility and reliability which was very important for such a complex and high profile event.

“These three events have proved yet again that Yamaha Commercial Audio mixing consoles satisfy all requirements of the pro audio marketplace with the three key elements of quality, versatility and reliability. We know that the monitor position is just as important as front of house sound and all our consoles are designed with both in mind - and on shows with tighter budgets one console can fulfil both requirements.”


Products PM1DV2 , PM5D-RH

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