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THC Audio’s Yamaha PM5Ds and PM5000 are a first for Bulgaria


Snoop Dogg performing at the Winter Palace of Sport, Sofia on 18th September. Yamaha PM5D at FOH and monitors

Based in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, THC Audio is the country’s leading production services company. And a recent investment in the first Yamaha PM5D-RH and PM5000 consoles to be bought for the Bulgarian market demonstrates THC’s total commitment to staying at the top.

The company has provided production services and crew to over 500 major international tours since it was formed over a decade ago. For most of those events, THC relied on the rock steady performance and superior analogue sound of Yamaha PM3500 consoles.

In the summer of 2008, however, the company invested in digital technology for the first time, purchasing a pair of Yamaha PM5D-RHs to work on the highest profile shows, although there will be no let-up on the workload for the ever-reliable PM3500s as they are cascaded to working on smaller events.

“Yamaha consoles have been a great aid to us because they are the standard in the touring industry,” says THC marketing manager Radolina Krasteva. “Almost all sound engineers on international tours can use them immediately, which is very beneficial. And, of course, they are extremely reliable and sound great.

“Nowadays, with digital consoles being the norm, Yamaha is still the standard. We supply the audio equipment for more than 90% of all international live events in Bulgaria and the PM5D-RH has become the most requested console in the technical riders. Added to our long working history with Yamaha consoles, investing in the PM5D-RH was a logical choice.”

Bulgaria is a major stop for many high profile bands on European tours, with audiences up to 10,000 strong. So there can be no compromise on the equipment offered by THC.

“Many of the major artists who visit Bulgaria like to be well prepared in advance with their show settings and scenes stored on memory cards, able to be immediately uploaded to a digital console,” says Radolina.

“When they arrive at the venue here, they often only have time for a line check and sound check before the show. So the PM5D-RH makes things much quicker and faster for them than an analogue console.”

Of course, live tours can be s stressful experience. With the best planning in the world, things sometimes go wrong and this was the case with a tour headlined by Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller on 10th October.

“There were some logistical problems, which meant that the show was running more than two hours late,” says Radolina. “But with our crew having the PM5D-RH ready when they arrived, the band’s crew needed only half an hour from arriving at the venue to be ready for the show to start. That simply wouldn’t have been possible without the PM5D.”

However, with some engineers preferring analogue consoles, THC Audio has also recently invested in the first Yamaha PM5000 to be used in Bulgaria. But analogue sound doesn’t have to mean analogue controls - the PM5000 offers the ‘best of both worlds’, its pure analogue audio path combining with advanced digital control technology to offer remarkable flexibility.

With motorised faders, illuminated switches and LED indicators, the console’s digital scene parameters include channel on/off switching, assignments and fader positions. Nearly 1,000 complete scenes can be stored in the on-board memory and scenes can be saved to compact flash memory modules, making scene data as easily transferred from console to console as it can be on digital mixers.

Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular stop on the tours of many international artists. And with THC Audio’s expertise and Yamaha’s latest large format consoles awaiting them, the number visiting is only likely to increase.

From Boy George to Billy Cobham, Kool and the Gang to Kansas and Slade to Snoop Dogg, THC’s Yamaha consoles will ensure that visiting artists will get a great sound whenever they visit the country.


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