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No drama as historic Stockholm Theatre looks to the future with cutting edge Yamaha audio Installation

Feb, 2008

The history of Sweden's Royal Dramatic Theatre (or Dramaten) is a long and complex one. Originally established by King Gustav III in 1788, the theater moved to its present home at the Art Nouveau building in Nybroplan, Stockholm, in 1908.

Since then Dramaten has gone from strength to strength, and recently its six stages – five in house, one at the satellite Östermalm site – underwent a major refit with Yamaha equipment, giving audiences at this most historic venue all the benefits of a 21st century audio experience.

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Yamaha DME24N, DME32 and DME64N digital mix engines form the heart of the Main Stage system, with DM2000 and DM1000 mixing consoles, AD824 and DA824 converters, and a range of power amplifiers including ten PC4800N, six P2160, three PC4801N, and two PC2602M driving a combination of Meyer and L-Acoustics loudspeakers.

"The main stage has a dedicated temperature-controlled amplifier room, where the amplifiers, DME units, and AD/DA converters are all housed," says main stage sound engineer Stephanie Burberry.

The consoles are located at two separate mixing positions. The DM1000 is operated by a stage manager, running shows pre-programmed using Stage Research SFX software. MIDI commands are used to operate the DM1000 and DME64N from the mix position.

"It works very well as an automated system that can be run by someone who isn't a sound technician," says Stephanie. "It gives us a lot of flexibility for smaller shows."

The DM2000 is located at a main FOH position for bigger shows, operated by a sound technician. "These are generally shows involving live sound as well as pre-recorded effects," Stephanie continues.

"On all our larger stages we rehearse one play during the day and perform another in the evening, so the ability to save and instantly recall show files is very important. Indeed, the system gives us the versatility to potentially run several different shows on the same day."

The DME64N is used for FOH and stage monitoring, while the DME32 controls 24 surround speakers in the auditorium. "It gives me the flexibility to use the auditorium speakers either as a delayed system or as stand-alone speakers for different effects," says Stephanie. "Using the digital mix engines means that nobody has to change any hard patches in the amp room."

Dramaten's Stage 1 (Lilla Scen) also features a comprehensive Yamaha system that includes a DME32 digital mix engine, DM1000 console, AD824, DA824 and AD8HR converters, plus PC6501N, PC2002M, P2250, and XM6150 amplifiers.

"We have chosen Yamaha equipment when it comes to mixing desks, matrixes, and pre-amps to facilitate the transition between the different stages," says Stephanie. "Standardization of equipment means that our designers and technicians can effortlessly work on all the stages, without the need to remember different operating systems or product layouts."

The other three stages at Dramaten's main site also feature Yamaha equipment. Stage 2 (Målarsalen) has a DM1000 console with PC2602M and PC6501N amplifiers, Stage 3 (Tornrummet) an 03D console, and Stage 4 (Lejonkulan) a DM1000 console plus PC2602M amplifiers.

Meanwhile, the satellite Elverket stage is equipped with 03D and DM1000 consoles, plus P2250, PC2002M, and PC2602M amplifiers.

"We don't need matrix systems for our smaller stages as only one show at a time is run on them, with everything being torn down and assembled for each individual production," says Stephanie.

"In addition, we use DM1000s and DM2000s for touring purposes. They are very good for that, and we can rent a desk for a tour and rapidly load in all the show files at each venue, which saves a great deal of time."


Products DM2000VCM , DM1000VCM , DME24N, DME64N , AD8HR , DA824 , PC-1N Series , XM Series
Location Stockholm, Sweden

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