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Yamaha helps Pontoise theatre to rise from the ashes

Aug, 2008

After a two year refurbishment, the Theatre des Louvrais in the city of Pontoise, 17 miles northwest of Paris, is open for business once again. And, to ensure that audiences enjoy ultimate quality sound, Yamaha equipment is at the heart of its brand new audio system.

The Theatre des Louvrais was badly damaged during the civil unrest which flared throughout France in the autumn of 2005. As a ‘public’ building it became a target for the rioters and was rammed by a car which was then set on fire, causing extensive damage.

The theatre closed immediately and had to be given a comprehensive refurbishment before it could be used for public performances again. And, with much urban regeneration taking place in Pontoise, the Theatre des Louvrais’s Phoenix-like rise symbolises the new belief and dynamism that now characterises the city.

Overseeing the installation was Regis Lambin of Paris-based audio visual project management company IEC, working with sound design by French specialists Cinograph. They specified a Yamaha DME24N to manage the Amadeus Audio bi-amped line array system in the 500-seat auditorium, driven by four Yamaha T4n amplifiers.

The stage monitoring system is powered by another three T4ns, with the audio mixed on a Yamaha 02R digital console.

The new audio system is entirely digital, exclusively using EtherSound for all signal routing, with the DME controlled via PC software. This was designed by Amadeus and makes for an extremely flexible system, which is highly desirable in a theatre which stages a wide variety of productions.

“The Yamaha system brings a completely new flexibility to the theatre’s audio capabilities, which it didn’t have before,” says Regis Lambin.

“Although it is a comparatively small auditorium for such a highly specified system, the theatre’s audiences are very discerning and they can now enjoy audio production values which are usually only the preserve of much bigger venues.”


Products T4n , DME24N

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