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Aug, 2008

In order to ensure transparency and to enhance their established distribution channel in the used-car industry, GLOVIS, one of the sister companies of HYUNDAI in Korea, is operating an auction website "Autowise" and an auction house. Sellers can start auction by requesting a sale at the auction site, then the used-car traders take part and accomplish a trade at the house. This system leads to competition with the traders, allowing sellers to sell their cars at a higher price.

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The GLOVIS' used-car auction house is now fully equipped with Yamaha Pro Audio products. 01V96VCM and DME24N are the sources to deliver information clearly to their auction participants in the house, while these also provide ease of use and flexibility to the engineer in the control room. The DME24N is used as the main controller for the Installation Series speakers, making controlling of the speakers much easier with its features such as dynamic processors and EQ.

The main speakers are installed on both sides of the main stage, forming a horizontal array with three IF2115 each. Additional IF2115 units are used on the each side to cover the audience sitting in the front. The speakers are powered by four P7000S power amps, which deliver 750 watts per channel at 8 ohms. The sound engineer at GLOVIS says that the PA system is simple, easy, and convenient; just right for the auction. He also adds that with the Installation Series speakers delivering clear voices to the participants, these were the choice for the auction house.


Products 01V96VCM , DME24N , P-S Series , Installation Series
Location Korea

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