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Yamaha helps make Riesenradplatz the main attraction

Oct, 2008

When a new entrance plaza was added to the Wurstelprater theme park, in the Austrian capital Vienna, this year, Yamaha digital mix engines were selected to ensure that the new facility sounds just as good as it looks.

Occupying a prominent place in Vienna, the Wien Prater is a large public park which features, as its centrepiece, the Riesenrad - a large Ferris wheel erected in 1897. Around it has since grown the Wurstelprater, which has become one of central Europe’s premier tourist destinations, boasting over 250 different attractions including the Riesenrad itself, along with ghost trains, merry-go-rounds, go-karting, arcades, restaurants, cafés, snack bars and beer gardens.

Recently a further attraction has been added in the shape of the brand new Riesenradplatz, a grand entrance area that entices visitors towards the attractions within. Here a Yamaha Cobranet digital audio system has been installed to distribute music, speech and special effects throughout the area. Together with a range of dining facilities, it makes Riesenradplatz itself a desirable stopping off point for visitors.

Designed and installed by Vienna-based Klangfarbe Sound & Light GmbH, the key requirements of the audio installation were that it had to be versatile, reliable, easy to use, cost-effective - and deliver great sound.

Around 60 loudspeakers are distributed throughout Riesenradplatz, with content fed from a 48 channel ProTools system. Yamaha DME64N and DME80-C units distribute the audio via CobraNet, using a combination of fibre optic and Cat6 cabling with Yamaha NHB32-C control interfaces.

“The system broadcasts a main audio mix, whose content is arranged as a 24 hour long loop, plus there are some special effects such as pictures which ‘talk’ to visitors and so on,” says Martin Ploetzeneder of Klangfarbe Sound & Light.

“We chose the DME units because they are easy to use and very reliable. I have done other installations with DME and they all work extremely well. And, in addition, they offer great value for money.”

The DME64N acts as the master audio distribution hub, with the DME80-C units located in various ‘backstage’ tech rooms around the Riesenradplatz. “With this configuration, I can monitor and control all the different parts of the system at the same time,” say Martin. “It is very straightforward to use.”

Being a high profile tourist destination, all audio systems at Prater must deliver maximum audio quality and the combination of Cobranet and Yamaha digital mix engines ensure that the sound is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality.

“Delivering the best audio quality is extremely important in all the jobs that I do,” says Martin. “In the Riesenradplatz installation we have used the highest quality outdoor loudspeakers, so having the full audio processing facilities of the Yamaha DMEs was really useful to provide the ultimate in sound excellence.

“The management at Prater are extremely happy with the system.”


Products DME64N , NHB32-C , DME8o-C

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