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Yamaha Digital Mix engines help Milan venue optimise open plan design

Mar, 2008

Many nightclubs are less than blessed when it comes to available space, and zoning audio can be a problem in terms of where the club owner might want to have different areas, and the lack of physical barriers between them.

One such venue is Globe, located on the top floor of a department store in Milan. Globe is open from 10 AM until 2 AM and offers everything from corporate conference facilities to restaurant catering and private parties.

Despite the fact that the site is effectively a single, open-plan space, the use of a Yamaha DME24N digital mix engine at the heart of a sophisticated audio distribution system has made it possible to divide the venue into no fewer than eight zones, without the open plan restricting the club's functionality in any way.

"There's always been a demand for this kind of multi-functionality," says installer Stefano Papetti of Audioprogetti. "But it's only recently that the technical solutions have become affordable to the majority of end customers."

The creation of outdoor balcony areas – an increasingly popular choice among venue owners in countries which have banned indoor smoking in enclosed public places – has made more options available to operators and installers alike, but even so, Globe's versatility would not be possible without the Yamaha DME.


Products DME24N
Location Milan, IT
Company Audio Progetti Srl

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