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Yamaha DME64N winds up the system quality at Bournemouth’s Crank

Apr, 2008

When a major late night bar operator wants to create the ultimate clubbing experience, the specified audio system is obviously going to reflect that aim. And ‘ultimate’ sound doesn’t necessarily mean lots of loudspeakers – it means the ultimate in control.

It was with this in mind that audio contractors Complete Production Solutions Group (CPS) specified a Yamaha DME64N Digital Mix Engine to be the heart of the audio system at Future 3000 Plc’s latest venture, Crank, an 1100 capacity, three floor venue in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Running no less than eight venues in the south coast towns of Bournemouth and Poole, at Crank, Future 3000’s stated aim was to establish the most potent dance system on the south coast. And with the DME64N at the heart of the system, that goal was well within reach.

Crank is divided into four areas. The main dance floor features four stacks of loudspeakers, one in each corner, with a second, self-contained room featuring its own DJ console in the basement. The third area is on the top floor and features 27 further loudspeakers, while a separate VIP area with its own system overlooks that floor.

The inputs from the two DJ booths are fed into the DME64N, which also handles all the output routing, EQ, and time alignment. This makes for an incredibly versatile system. For example, it allows the DJ from the main room to be routed to the basement dance floor when there is no DJ playing there, or to route sound from either DJ Console to the top floor, sound from one console to the top floor and the other to the VIP area if desired, and other variations.

In addition, there are inputs on the main dance floor for live acts to plug in a sub mixer for microphones and instruments, a master effects unit, and monitors, all routed via the DME. As with most clubs, Crank also features different themes on different nights, often requiring that the system be completely reconfigured for different types of music.

Controlling the system could have been very complex with all the different possible settings. This potential hurdle was entirely overcome by installing a Yamaha ICP1 intelligent remote control unit behind the main bar. This allows complete configuration changes to the system to be made by pressing a single button.

“The sound quality, signal routing and programmability of the DME system, coupled with the very straightforward control interface we were able to create with the ICP1, meant that it was the obvious choice for the job,” says CPS director Richard Colegate. “With this many speakers, just managing the time alignment is a significant factor and the DME handles it all with ease. The support we received from Yamaha’s Scott Fraser and his team in the configuration and programming stage was also excellent.”

He concludes, “The dance system benchmark is at the Ministry of Sound, so we decided to adopt a similar model. It’s proved an invigorating and stimulating system.”


Products DME64N
Location Dorset, UK
Company Complete Production Solutions Group

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