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Yamaha ensures that Paris horse racing circuit’s sound is always a winner

May, 2008

Located on the western side of Paris, the historic L’Hippodrome d’Auteuil is one of the premier horse racing venues in France. Highly regarded for the diversity of its different racing circuits, events at the course are always hugely popular with crowds of up to 30,000 race goers, with many more enjoying the spectacle on television. With this in mind, the quality of the sound system is paramount.

Two years ago, L’Hippodrome installed a Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console, which is still at the heart of its system. Installed by Yamaha dealer DBM of Courbevoie, Paris, this was the beginning of a relationship between DBM and the venue which has seen DBM since install further Yamaha equipment, including five PC3301N power amplifiers, four ACU16C amplifier control units and an NHB32C network control hub, distributing all the venue’s audio via a CobraNet fibre optic network.

Commentary for races is sourced from a television Outside Broadcast facility, which is relayed to the DM2000 and a controlling PC in the race course control room and then distributed via CobraNet to all public areas, including the grandstands, winners / parade circle and VIP facilities.

The venue wanted the system to be as flexible as possible, but also to ensure that very high sound quality was maintained throughout the network, despite the audio having to travel over significant distances from the control room to the loudspeakers. This was achieved by using the combination of Yamaha amplifiers and the CobraNet fibre optic network.

The network is configured as four zones and there is no signal degradation anywhere between source and loudspeaker, but it also can easily be expanded or the central computer reconfigured to adapt to the venue’s changing needs.

“L’Hippodrome d’Auteuil is a very challenging environment for audio because the long cable runs mean that the quality is always at risk of degradation,” says Alain Batal, President of DBM.

“Distributing the audio digitally via CobraNet and mixing on the DM2000 has eliminated signal degradation from source to the ACU16C control units, with the local PC3301N power amplifiers ensuring that the audio maintains its crystal clear quality once it leaves the digital domain, through to the audience.”


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