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There’s nothing to rival Stockholm Hotel’s new Yamaha Audio System

May, 2008

Owned by former Abba keyboardist Benny Andersson, the exclusive Rival Hotel in Stockholm’s fashionable Mariatorget Square is rapidly realising it’s owner’s dream of recapturing the glamorous 1930s era when the hotel first opened.

Featuring its own cinema, bakery, conference facilities, bistro, bars and café, a mounting problem that the hotel has faced in recent years has been the proximity of nearby luxury apartments. Noise levels from the hotel’s audio system were proving unacceptable to local residents. So a solution was needed to contain the sound and placate the neighbours.

A new audio system was supplied and installed United Audio Starlight of Stockholm, whose Mikael Collin specified Yamaha equipment.

“When we were called in, our brief was to stop all complaints from the neighbours and make it possible to limit the levels of the sound system in different parts of the hotel,” says Mikael.

“So we needed products that could fulfil the brief, but it had to be reliable products from a manufacturer which delivered good sound quality at a competitive price. Having used many Yamaha products over the years, I have a good understanding of their reliability and also how the systems work together, so Yamaha was the natural choice.”

Mikael specified a Yamaha DME24N with MY8-ADDA96 analogue i/o card and CP4SF remote volume control, plus three P3500 stereo power amplifiers.

The system controls loudspeakers in four zones of the hotel - the hotel foyer, restaurant and two bars. Confining the sound to these areas and limiting volume levels was key to reducing the unwanted spill, which caused the problems with the previous system.

“From Monday to Thursday, the system is used for background music, fed by an iPod, with all four areas controlled by staff in the upstairs bar,” says Mikael.

“The key is that each zone of the system has separate level settings and the CP4SF volume control unit lets the bar crew change the levels, but only within certain limits. This means that the levels can never be too high, which is very important on Friday and Saturday nights when it is fed by a DJ system. It also prevents staff from turning the volume completely down.

“The system also functions as a soft DJ / background music system for Sunday brunch in the restaurant.”

Another reason for Mikael choosing Yamaha was that United Audio Starlight have an excellent relationship with Yamaha Scandinavia and he knew the technical backup would be excellent.

“The technical support with these kind of products can be quite tricky, considering everybody has there own way of using them,” he says. “But we always get good advice from Yamaha Scandinavia, and they will often put you in contact with other users that you can talk to, who are using them in a similar way.”

But the real test of the new system has been the residents of the adjacent compartments. Has the Yamaha system managed to stop the complaints?

“The system has completely eliminated all complaints from the neighbours,” smiles Mikael. “But we have also given the hotel a system that delivers excellent sound quality. All the comments we have had about it have been very positive.”


Products DME24N , P3500S

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