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Ninkasi brews up great sound with Yamaha DME Satellite

Sep, 2008

With seven bars and restaurants located in Lyon and St Etienne, the Ninkasi chain is proving extremely successful in France. And when its largest outlet was recently extended, Yamaha DME Satellite units were selected, and placed at the heart of a hugely enhanced audio system.

Named, appropriately, after the ancient Sumerian matron goddess of beer, the central premise of Ninkasi is that patrons can watch the machinery of each outlet’s micro brewery in action as they eat and drink.

Located in the centre of the Gerland quarter in Lyons, the largest Ninkasi outlet also features music as a key feature. This has proved such a success that the 400-seat café and terrace has recently been extended and also further expanded by the addition of a 600-seater venue next door, Ninkasi Kao.

The original audio installation was completed by Fa Musique, based in nearby Vaulx-en-Velin. Yamaha S55 2-channel speaker boxes, controlled by a DME24N digital mix engine, were installed in the ground floor and mezzanine restaurant areas to supply background music produced by the in-house channel Tele Ninka.

“The S55s are ideal for this application. This is a music bar and the speakers are on view, which is great!” says Pierre Matillat, Fa Musique Senior Account Executive.

“However, the extension to the premises meant a major change of approach to the audio system. Our solution was to install a CobraNet-based zoned audio network, for which the DME4io-C DME satellite was the ideal solution,” he continues.

With an expanded range of audio sources feeding the new system, including background music, DJ mix outputs, microphones and feeds from stage in Ninkasi Kao, the DME Satellite units were the ideal solution for making the system as flexible as possible.

“We were the first in France to buy the DME4io-C, which we use to manage four inputs and four outputs at Ninkasi Gerland. They allow the system to take sound from any of the system sources and route it, along with any other feeds, to any part of the building,” says Pierre.

“We therefore added two Satellites to the central DME24N which take care of audio routing and control, as well as adding effects where necessary. The central DME manages the sound system in the concert hall, with the Satellite managing the restaurant areas.

Wall-mounted CP1SF and CP4SW control panels enable the barmen in the restaurant areas to choose the sound sources and to adjust the sound levels, making the system extremely straightforward to control.


Products DME24N , DME4io-C

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