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Seine cruises sparkle with Yamaha sound

Aug, 2008

Along with the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Louvre and Sacre Coeur, the glass-topped boats that cruise Paris’s River Seine are an essential ‘must do’ of any tourist trip to the French capital.

Of course, just as important as what those on the boats can see is what they can hear - be it a commentary on what is visible as they cruise down the river, relaxing live music or, should anything untoward occur, emergency messages.

So, to ensure that the sound is as good on Le Diamant - the pride of the fleet run by the Bateaux Parisiens cruise company - as the sights are from it, it has been fitted with a Yamaha audio system.

Featuring 320 table settings and a dance floor, the 60m long vessel’s cruises usually feature cabaret entertainment. Its previous audio system was unable to deliver the exacting standards required, so high profile French sound designer Alain Français was brought in to redesign the system.

Français’ company De Preference handles many high profile shows, so having a company of this prestige on board was something of a coup for Bateaux Parisiens. It was Français’ job to ensure that the ultimate sound quality was available on Le Diamant, delivered despite the relatively low headroom of the boat’s glass canopy, the sound reflections that the flat areas of glass cause and ensuring maximum all-round vision for passengers.

After conducting A/B tests with loudspeakers from other leading manufacturers, Français chose 17 Yamaha IF2205 on the basis of their unique combination of compact, discreet enclosures, coupled with ease of integration and, of course, excellent sound quality.

The IF2205 features a 90º x 60º dispersion pattern, two 5” drivers and a 1" high frequency voice coil, the latter can be rotated 90º, allowing for either vertical or horizontal mounting, an ideal solution for an environment where visual intrusion had to be kept to an absolute minimum.

The audio is managed by a Yamaha DME24N digital mix engine, controlled by an ICP1 intelligent control panel.

The DME24N is a fixture of all five boats in the Bateaux Parisiens fleet. With a house band - regularly comprising guitar, bass and keyboards - plus vocalists who use wireless mics to walk amongst the diners, the DME provides unique flexibility in that its settings can be easily changed via the ICP1 Intelligent Control Panel to mix a live band which can, on some occasions, feature an array of different musicians and singers.

In addition, at the touch of a button on the ICP1, the audio system is instantly optimised for speech, background music or - if required - emergency announcements.

The loudspeaker system is divided into three zones, with the DME24N also controlling Le Diamante’s mood lighting via MIDI, ensuring that the perfect relaxed ambience is maintained throughout evening cruises, whatever the time of year.

With a Yamaha 03D console also available for band monitoring, Yamaha equipment has truly made Le Diamant’s new audio system sparkle.


Products IF2205 , DME24N

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