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Yamaha provides powerful simplicity at TeleMadrid

Feb, 2008

For TeleMadrid, one of Spain’s biggest regional broadcasters, keeping its audio visual systems versatile yet its control rooms simple to operate is a fundamental part of its technical philosophy

Running two television channels, a network of radio stations and having a major internet presence, the broadcaster has recently installed its third Yamaha PM1D-based mixing system, at its studios just west of Madrid.

Previous PM1D systems had been installed in the first of TeleMadrid’s control rooms and its outside broadcast van, so this time it was Control Room 2 that was brought right up to date with the latest equipment.

Supplied and installed by Yamaha Música Ibérica S.A, the PM1DV2 system comprises a CS1DV2 control surface and DSP1D-EX mix and processing engine, fitted with six AI8-ML8AB 16 channel switchable analogue input boxes and two AO8 line output D/A units.

“Using Yamaha mixers is a tradition for TeleMadrid,” says Alberto Leiva Soulages, Commercial Audio manager at Yamaha Música Ibérica. “They need a totally flexible system, but which is very easy to use. Since 2001, when they made the transition from analogue to digital and installed the Yamaha system in Control Room 1, there haven’t been any major problems with either that or the outside broadcast system. So choosing Yamaha again was a straightforward decision.”

The routing flexibility and speed offered by the CS1DV2 makes the system very powerful, but ease of use has been maximised by it not requiring patch panels in the control room.

“The original PM1D system made Control Room 1 a very comfortable and uncluttered place to work,” says Alberto. “So they have created an identical work area in Control Room 2 with the new installation. It makes both control rooms very simple but effective, containing just the PM1D systems, active monitors and various different format audio players. It allows the staff to concentrate solely on production, not worrying about correct patching.”


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