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Italian television studio enjoys Yamaha versatility and control with DME24N and M7CL

Sep, 2008

With television studios needing to host to a wide variety of productions, having a versatile technical specification is a priority. And, thanks to a Yamaha audio system, a regional production centre in Italy has been able to maximise the range of shows that it can host.

Productions at the GTV-Telesanterno television centre in Bologna range from chat shows and children’s programmes to late night card tournaments. This means that the studio spaces have to be extremely flexible and, having an audio system that can seamlessly accommodate the studio as one large space or divided up into smaller areas, is a key element of its facilities.

Installed by multimedia and broadcast specialists Onda Teleelectronic, the new Yamaha system utilises a DME24N digital mix engine as its main mixing matrix and loudspeaker processor, which receives signals from the studio microphone, line and VTR sources via a 48-channel M7CL console located in the control room.

The M7CL mixes the audio signals for both the Italian and international versions of each programme and outputs them via four Auxes to the DME24N, which then feeds them - via the mix matrix - back to the studio via Yamaha XP1000 and XP2500 power amplifiers to a range of IF2208, IF2108, MSP3 and MSP5 Studio loudspeakers, which are used for monitoring.

The system ‘s master control is a DME Designer user panel, located in the control room, allowing the signals from the four M7CL aux feeds to be routed to any or all of the loudspeakers. This allows the studio area to be divided, as required, into a range of different areas for different programmes, with or without an audience present.

With data conversion by an MY16AE AES/EBU interface and MY8ADDA96 AD/DA i/o card, the Yamaha system is not only versatile, it also provides extremely high audio quality. And with Yamaha’s legendary reliability, technical support and commitment to cost:performance ratio, the system is already proving a major success.


Products DME24N , M7CL-48 , XP1000

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