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Yamaha helps Audio Werft win the coveted Sinus Award

Jan. 21, 2008

Audio Werft won the coveted "Sinus Award" ("System Integrations Award") on the opening day of the international Prolight + Sound trade fair on the 28th March 2007 in Frankfurt. This is the fourth time that the award, which honours outstanding performance in the areas of media technology and system integration, has been presented.

In the category of "Entertainment", this year’s jury of high-calibre specialists acknowledged the work of the exceptional Bielefeld gastronomy project "Glückundseeligkeit" ('JoyAndSoul'), whose life-affirming character is reflected in much more than just its name. Those involved in the project – architect Heinrich Bruns, restaurateur Achim Fiolka from Investor Living Event GmbH and audio specialist Matthias Mehler – transformed an old church into a harmonious, carefully-styled food temple housing a lounge, bar, bistro, restaurant and beer garden.

Matthias Mehler and his Hildesheim-based company Audio Werft were responsible for installing the PA equipment for this project, which was no easy task as it entailed preserving the atmosphere of the venerable building whilst integrating a complex PA system.

Discreetness, high-quality sound and simple operation were top priority in choosing the sound equipment. As a result, Audio Werft opted to install 20 CA106-Fullrange loudspeakers from Kling & Freitag, passive systems whose sound also depends on the external power amplifiers.

This demanding task was filled by no less than four Yamaha P3500S power amplifiers. These amplifiers sound superb, have good power reserves and are also very stable under low loads – characteristics that mean the proven P series is the only choice.

Two Yamaha XH150 amplifiers in 100V technology handle the twelve WHD-UP-14/2T6 ceiling loud speakers in the entrance and kitchen areas. Using 100V technology means that one amplifier can be used with a number of loudspeakers without leading to low impedances and a resulting overload of the power amplifiers.

Matthias Mehler, founder and MD of Audio Werft, explains his personal reasons for opting for Yamaha power amplifiers: "We use these devices in every one of our installations - without exception. Their sound is excellent, but so too is the sound produced by many others on the market. The top priority for our professional customers is uncompromising reliability." The Yamaha amplifiers always work perfectly, and that's what sets them apart from the competition.

According to Mehler, however, it's not just the characteristics of the Yamaha power amps that are impressive. "The price-performance ratio is excellent, and in this class the equipment level is hard to beat." The number of connections on the rear alone is fantastic and saves a lot of hassle.

As the "Glückundseeligkeit" project tastefully blends top-of-the-range PA equipment with neo-Gothic church architecture, Audio Werft richly deserves the coveted Sinus Award 2007. Yamaha can also be quietly pleased with itself thanks to its power amplifiers – the high-quality sound, design and reliability of the P and XH series amps have after all made an important contribution to the success of the project.


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