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Yamaha trains digital network engineers to push back the audio boundaries

Jul. 04, 2008

Yamaha has been one of the main driving forces in the development of digital sound over the past two decades and, with digital now well-established in the audio industry mainstream, the company is forging ahead with the next big step of digital audio technology - digital networking.

By introducing Ethernet compliant products such as CobraNet, EtherSound DME engines and MY interface cards, Yamaha is again pushing back the boundaries of digital audio, spearheading more revolutionary developments which will bring even more versatility and quality to live and installed audio.

However, such groundbreaking technology can only be used to its maximum effectiveness if users have the skills to match, and so the knowledge of Yamaha engineers is regularly being used to help a wide range of audio professionals to improve their skills, via teaching documents, a range of seminars and ‘hands-on’ training programmes.

“In order to design reliable and functional networked audio systems, the application of this complex technology requires a very high level of technical knowledge,” says Nils-Peter Keller, YMCE Deputy General Manager. “Therefore, Yamaha actively provides the knowledge and support required to those who need it.”

One such event was an advanced training seminar on audio network design, hosted and run by Yamaha Music Central Europe (YMCE) in Wiehl, Germany. Taking place at the city’s Hotel Zur Post over three days in late April, the 25 attendees enjoyed advanced training on networked audio system design by YMCE specialists Ron Bakker, Ruben van der Goor, Arthur Koll and Pawel Zachanowizc.

The delegates were all top consultants and system integrators, from throughout central Europe. The curriculum was specially designed for university level engineers and managers and contained advanced information technology design methods, including quality management, network redundancy, safety standards, topology / protocol design and deep integration of audio with, for example, high quality video.

With both classroom-style theoretical learning and ‘hands-on’ sessions, the delegates were able to gain in-depth knowledge of Yamaha’s digital networking systems, meaning that they will be able to take full advantage of the technology to design systems of unparalleled flexibility.


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