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Yamaha, Nexo and Gand Concert Sound combine to bring the ultimate audio system to 38,000 worshippers


When the Evangelical Lutheran Youth of America held its annual gathering in the Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans in July, audio company Gand Concert Sound installed the largest ever flown Nexo rig in the USA. And with Yamaha amplifiers powering a significant part of the system - not to mention three mixing consoles at front of house - it was a truly special event.

Taking place between 22nd and 26th July, the Gathering was attended by 38,000 teenagers from across the world and featured a wide range of praise activities, theatrical performances, musical performances from Christian acts including Skillet, the Katinas, Group 1 Crew and a musical mass featuring communion for the entire 38,000-strong congregation.

Gand Concert Sound - based in Glenview, Illinois - supplied a flown system comprising 60 flown Nexo Geo T, 24 Geo S and eight CD18 subs, with 24 additional ground-stacked CD18 subs.

20 Yamaha PC9501N amplifiers powered the top 12 Geo T per side, with 12 PC9501N powering the Nexo PS15 and PS10 stage monitors and four more powering the under balcony delay speakers.

At the front of house position, Yamaha PM5D-RH, M7CL and LS9-16 consoles ensured that the gargantuan system was complemented by only the best audio mixing.

The main stage house band and wireless mics were mixed on the PM5D-RH by Adam Rosenthal, with the M7CL being used by Gand Concert Sound president Gary Gand to mix the guest acts and New Orleans ME Choir. Meanwhile, the LS9 handled video playback and two auxiliary stages in the audience.

All of the main drive lines used EtherSound from the PM5DRH into Nexo NX242 controllers, with all delay and output EQ being done onboard the PM5DRH. The LS9 and M7CL ran into group returns on the PM5D to avoid using up input channels.

"We used every output on the PM5D to control feeds to video, the Internet, under balcony delays, language interpreters, signers for hearing impaired and archival recording - in addition to the left, right and sub channels on the main system!" says FOH engineer Adam Rosenthal.

“It's remarkable how good the system sounded in one of the largest venues in the country."

"This is our third and biggest ELCA event. The ELCA likes what we do and the equipment has worked flawlessly," adds Gary Gand.

"We have a large investment in Yamaha power amps, as they are rugged, stable and they just plain work - no repairs ever! Along with our massive Nexo stock and Yamaha consoles, we have the complete Yamaha audio chain from stage to audience."


Products PM5D-RH , PC9501N , M7CL-48

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