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Yamaha digital mixing engine provides unique function at Copenhagen Operaen

Sep, 2009

One of Denmark’s most iconic cultural venues, the Opera House (Operaen) in Copenhagen is a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art concert venue which opened in 2000. But, though huge resources were put into the venue’s acoustics, it has taken a unique Yamaha digital mixing engine installation to get the perfect result for performers.

Administered by the Royal Danish Theatre, the main stage of the Opera House features five satellite stages for set preparation and training purposes, as well as such conveniences as stage lifts and movable ballet floors. In total there are over 1000 rooms within the building, yet only around 1500 seats in the auditorium to ensure acoustic perfection for audiences.

However, one problem that became apparent for operatic performers was that the onstage sound is very dry. To solve this, audio systems specialists Moto Audio Sales devised a unique solution using a Yamaha DME24N, installed and programmed by Løkken Productions.

“The DME24N is running a sort of ‘first reflection’ system, working as microphone pre-amp and distribution matrix,” says Henrik Bonné, Technical Sales Manager.

“On the inside of the proscenium, pointing backwards, is a ‘vertical horseshoe’ of small loudspeakers. These are fed, through the DME, by two Microtech Array microphones which are pointed at singers who are located inside of the proscenium arch. This compensates for the very dry stage acoustic and makes the singers much more comfortable.”

He continues, “We chose the DME24N because of its total reliability and it provided a very cost effective combination of inputs, outputs and audio processing functions. Control of the system is also very straightforward via the use of presets. It is literally ‘set and forget’.”

This is believed to be a unique use of a DME processor and serves to highlight yet another use that this most versatile of platforms can be put to. Given that it is used in such a critical role at one of the world’s most expensive concert venues, it is also an endorsement of the complete confidence that Yamaha products give installers and users alike.

This confidence is also reflected in various Yamaha digital mixing consoles that are also used at Operaen. A DM1000 is used in the main auditorium as a ‘utility’ mixer, for monitoring, audio and distribution and basic sound reinforcement tasks, with further DM1000s in the main control room and another as part of a mobile recording system. Meanwhile, a DM2000 is installed in the building’s main recording studio.


Products DME24N , DM1000VCM

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