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Yamaha charms Charmes at Mille et Une Etoiles

Jul, 2009

Located in the small town of Charmes, near Nancy, the Mille et Une Etoiles (1001 Stars) nightclub is bringing a taste of bourgeois Paris to eastern France. And with a full Yamaha audio system ensuring that the venue’s audio quality matches its fine cuisine and spectacular entertainment, patrons are assured of a fantastic experience every time they visit.

The aim of the venue is to bring the kind of high quality food and entertainment associated with the exclusive fashionable city nightclubs to a wider audience at reasonable prices. Great attention is paid to providing a feeling of classic French decadence, with menus named after famous Parisien revue stars, such as Marlene Dietrich and Josephine Baker.

Complementing the revue-style entertainment are spectacular acrobatic performances, comedy and other shows, so the venue’s audio system had to be able to handle a wide variety of styles and input sources.

Supplied by Vittel-based La Boite à Sons, a complete Ethersound-based Yamaha digital audio system has been installed, including eight Installation Series loudspeakers, PC and XP series amplifiers, a DME24N digital mix engine, a LS9 mixer and Ethersound network interface.

The DME24N is programmed with a number of presets, controlling the input/output selections, effects and signal routing of the entire system. A preset is programmed for every type of show (and background music requirements) and it is very straightforward for venue staff to switch between them, depending on the evening’s entertainment.

“As well as the system’s audio quality and flexibility, La Boite à Sons proposed the Yamaha system to the venue because it was a full-package solution and for the comprehensive service and technical support that we supply,” says Fabien Saadoun, Marketing Manager at Yamaha Musique France.

“Mille et Une Etoiles has proved a great success for its owners and the Yamaha system is a fundamental part of what they offer. Great food, great entertainment and great sound are a winning package!”


Products DME24N , LS9-32

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