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Yamaha’s magical audio system at Gandalf il Grigio

Aug, 2009

Gandalf Il Grigio (Gandalf The Grey) is a new, Lord Of The Rings-styled bar and karaoke club in Campobasso, central Italy. Very popular with students and the young at heart, the venue’s low ceilings, many hard, flat surfaces and the habit of its patrons of dancing on the tables (!) mean that the acoustics are challenging - a situation which a Yamaha audio system was ideally suited to overcome.

Supplied by La Cicala of Dragoni, near Caserta, the system was designed by one of Yamaha Musica Italia’s consultants to overcome both the acoustic challenges of the venue and to provide an audio solution which delivered maximum versatility and an excellent price/quality ratio.

The heart of the system is a DME24N digital mix engine, which takes feeds from four different audio sources, including background music from CD, the soundtrack of DVDs, karaoke vocals and audio file playback from a PC, via a Yamaha MW8CX eight channel USB audio interface and mixer.

Audio is fed via XM4180, XP1000 and XP7000 power amplifiers to a five zone system of Installation Series IF2108, S15 and S55 full-range loudspeakers with IS1118 1 x 18” subs.

Having the DME24N at the installation’s core means that a very sophisticated system could be set up for a very cost-effective price. As well as allowing all inputs and loudspeaker zones to be independently switched, the DME24N provides sophisticated components like a feedback suppressor for the karaoke vocal mic and auto gain for the MP3 files which they sing along to. This means that venue staff have no need to adjust the relative levels of the karaoke system. The DME also controls the maximum volume of the system, to ensure that Italian sound level regulations are always adhered to.

In addition, the system is very easily changed to the different configurations programmed for the different uses of the bar. For example, the sound for live “big screen” sport broadcasts in the area of the venue’s screen, but with background music playing in other zones.

Configured and controlled via DME Designer software, Yamaha’s engineers even went as far as specially designing the user control panel in a unique Lord Of The Rings style to seamlessly fit with the venue’s theme!

“Before the client chose a system, listening demonstrations of the Installation Series loudspeakers were conducted in the venue and they were very impressed,” says Wouter Verkuijl, Yamaha’s Commercial Audio Sales Engineer for the south Italy Area.

“The system delivers Yamaha’s renowned audio quality and reliability in a package that is very easy to use. Certainly the owners of Gandalf Il Grigio are very satisfied, although the quality of the singing on karaoke nights still leaves a lot to be desired!”


Products DME24N , XP7000 , IS1118

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