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Yamaha Ethersound Network is Café Blanco’s flexible friend

Jun, 2009

Located in Corsico, a western suburb of Milan, Blanco Café is a multi-purpose live music and DJ venue which caters for an extensive range of music styles. Extremely popular with a wide cross-section of the local (and not-so-local) population, it features a state-of-the-art Yamaha installation which delivers every style of music with ultimate audio quality.

In addition to live and DJ sets, the venue hosts karaoke events and art exhibitions. To accommodate all the events it features four separate zones - the bar, exhibition area, a live music area inside the pub and a further performance space outside.

“Because of the different zones, it was important to use a very flexible and easy to set up sound system,” says Stefano Papetti, Business Manager of installation company AudioProgetti Srl. “So I chose an advanced Yamaha EtherSound network, based around the NAI48ES network interface and four AD8HR analogue/digital converters. It also ensured maximum audio quality throughout the venue.”

In the live music area an LS9-32 console is situated at front of house, together with an MY8AE AES/EBU board, MY16ES64 and MY16EX Ethersound interfaces. A stage rack houses the four AD8HR, a DA824 digital/analogue converter and the NAI48ES network interface.

Powered by one XP7000, one XP5000 and three XP3500 power amps, the PA system comprises two IF2115/64 Installation Series mid/high speakers, two IS1118 subs and four CM12V wedge monitors. Speaker control is by an SP2060 speaker processor.

In the bar, sound is delivered by four S15C speakers, powered by an XM4080 amp, while an MG124CX,12 channel analogue mixer can be patched into the system for small-scale performances her, if required.

Meanwhile, the outside performance area features two IF2115M/64 Installation Series speakers, two IS1218 subs and four CM15V monitors, driven by two PC6501N power amps and again controlled by an SP2060 speaker processor.

“Another advantage of using the EtherSound based sound system is that it will be very straightforward to expand the system in the future,” says Stefano. “it’s possible that Blanco Café will add a multitrack recorder and an additional digital mixer in future, which will be very straightforward to integrate into the system.”

He continues, “The owner of Blanco Café also owns a number of other bars in the Milan area. It is really easy to move and reconnect the LS9 and digital stage box via CAT5 cable in all the other venues. The EtherSound system is a great solution all round.”


Products LS9-32 , XP5000 , NAI48-ES

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