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Yamaha for Milan’s Latino nights

Nov, 2009

As well as hosting a dance school, Settimo Milanese’s Club Tambien has become a reference point for trendy Latin-American nights in Milan (Italy), thanks to its large interior, furnished and decorated in a unique manner, featuring works by extremely original artists, but above all for the music played, an explosive fusion of Latino rhythms that keep clients on the dancefloor until the wee small hours, with the Yamaha sound reinforcement system.

Stefano Papetti, sales manager with Audio Progetti, the company that installed the system, explains: “Thanks to the characteristics and flexibility of the Installation Series’ three-way enclosures, we managed to achieve excellent acoustic results, in spite of the venue being very high and reverberant.” In the main room, an IF3115/64 has been installed on either side of the stage as FOH system for live events. These are triamped, with a power amp XP7000, an XP2500 and an XP 1000. Under each of them there is an IS1218subwoofer, powered by a T3n amplifier. There are also two IF2115/AS, used for near fill purposes at live events and for dancers on the stage during disco nights. The club’s DJs also have at their disposal an IF2205 for monitoring, connected to an XP1000 amp. On some disco nights, a caller explains the steps to the dancers and, in this case, the near fill enclosures are also used as stage monitors, so are a sort of jack-of-all-trades in the system. The rig is completed by four IF2208W, powered by two XP5000 and flown from a truss ring approximately four and a half metres above the centre of the dancefloor.

The task facing Audio Progetti and Yamaha specialists Andy Cooper and Tim Harrison was to create the ideal balance between the FOH speakers and those on the truss ring. Cooper explains: “When we arrived at the venue, Tim checked the positioning of the speakers and the wiring and setting of the amps and DME24N processor, while I created the DME Designer file, for speaker processing, routing, mixing, delays, levels etc. Once this was done, we started to tune the speaker system: setting optimum levels, limiting, delays and doing a small amount of EQ tweaking. In fact, the Installation Series loudspeakers have very consistent tonal qualities and phase response, so it was easy to integrate them with almost no equalisation besides the factory presets. We also created different Scene Memories for each type of function the venue hosts - live music, club DJ and dance school with or without use of the stage.” As well as the DME Designer software used to program the DME24N, at the design stage Yamaha’s YS3 software was used to help decide which speakers to use and where to position them for optimum coverage at the required SPL. The design was backed up in the DME’s own memory afterwards for security, after having carefully considered how to manage the different settings needed for the various venue functions. Harrison adds: “This was because different inputs are used as well as different zones of the PA system. Thankfully, the DME has plenty of DSP power and Scene Memories, so we could add some extra routing and mixing components to use for routing different inputs to different outputs, depending on which Scene Memory is recalled.” Papetti continued, “On the DME24N we set and stored various configurations for the ‘disco’ nights, with one setting on the dancefloor and another for when clients dance on the floor and on the stage. There are also various configurations for the dance school, which vary according to the number of pupils. In the control booth, as well as a Yamaha MG12/4CX analogue mixer, there is also a CP4SF remote controller with four faders and four switches for the DME24N, ensuring control of the various zones of the venue in a really intuitive manner.”

Adrián González, the club’s Cuban partner, explaining how he chose the Yamaha sound system, said: “I visited a venue in which Stefano was installing Yamaha equipment and liked what I heard, so Stefano explained the features and functions of the various products to me. Some time later, we met at Rimini’s SIB expo to choose the exact system most suited to our club, after demos of the various speaker systems. The Tambien has hosted numerous concerts, mainly Latino groups on tour in Europe, but also some Hip-hop nights, and we’re please with the good results achieved – everything works very well.”


Products MG Series (CX Models) , DME24N , Tn Series , XP Series , Installation Series
Location Milan, Italy
Company Audio Progetti Srl

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