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Yamaha MSP and DME are perfect for TSR

Dec, 2009

Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR), the leading French language television station in Switzerland, has recently upgraded many of its video facilities at its headquarters in Geneva. This included installing new audio systems, for which Yamaha MSP Studio monitors proved the ideal solution.

TSR carries a wide range of content, including news, current affairs, weather, documentaries, drama, sport, films and consumer programming. The upgrade at the company’s studios has included both refurbishing existing facilities and providing new ones, with 177 Yamaha MSP7, 40 MSP5, 22 MSP3 and two SW10 subs installed as part of the new audio systems.

Areas to benefit from the revamped facilities include TSR’s Video Edit Room, Playout Control Room, Quality Control Room, Live Video Production Room and others. Accurate monitoring of audio for mixes for broadcast content and video editing is, of course, just as important as it is for images, so Yannick Dumartineix, head of audio production at TSR, had to make a very careful choice.

“We did listening tests on a range of monitors from different manufacturers and we had three main criteria which influenced our choice,” he says.

“One was the construction, finish, overall size and the quality of the internal electronics. The second criteria was the quality of sound - our main aim was to have a response that satisfied all the involved listeners who had worked in our previous edit rooms. As they are not sound engineers, this was not a straightforward task! And the third criteria was price.

“We had to strike a careful balance between these criteria and, overall, the Yamaha MSP series was the best of those we tested.”

“The edit and control rooms are not acoustically corrected, so we conducted the listening tests in a similar room,” says Yannick. “The MSP series reproduces audio frequencies faithfully so we know that, when reproduced on domestic television systems, there will be no unpleasant surprises in the sound.”

The speakers were installed by TSR’s internal installation team, which set up the monitors in different rooms to receive audio from a range of different sources.

For example, the Video Editing Room has a very simple setup, just the stereo outputs of a small analogue mixer sending a basic monitoring feed. In contrast, the Quality Control Room feeds come from Yamaha DME64N and DME24N digital mix engines, via MY8-DA96 cards, and others come from dedicated VCA systems or Nexus matrixes, etc. Most of the systems are setup in stereo, but some are in 5.1 surround.

“Those involved in the listening tests were very impressed with the Yamaha monitors,” says Yannick. “Obviously TSR has a very varied range of programmes and the MSP monitors reproduce the sound of all of them equally well. Combined with the size, build quality and price, they were the ideal choice.”


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