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Yamaha provides sound in the best dimension


With the motto ‘We Make It Happen’, the Avesco Group is a group of production service companies with a common culture, each an expert in its field and trusted completely by its clients. One of Avesco’s key global components is Creative Technology, whose UK audio arm, Dimension Audio, naturally shares the same philosophy of innovation, flair and technical excellence as the rest of the Avesco companies. Little wonder, then, that Dimension relies on an inventory of Yamaha digital consoles to deliver perfect sound at every event it works on.

Based in Crawley, Sussex, Dimension Audio has en extensive inventory of Yamaha consoles, including the PM5D, DSP5D, the new M7CL-48ES, M7CL32, LS9 and the groundbreaking SB168ES stage box. The company’s installation arm also specifies Yamaha XP series and IPA8200 amplifiers on a regular basis.

“Yamaha products deliver exactly what we need,” says Dimension Audio head Mark Boden. “They are easy to use, they’re so ubiquitous that all freelancers know how use them without us spending time on training, the sound quality is excellent and - most importantly - they are extremely reliable.”

Dimension’s roster of events is extremely varied - in the past few months alone the company has provided audio services to events as varied as polo tournaments, exhibitions, motoring events, fashion shows, World Cup football screenings and live gigs - including two from the roof of London’s O2 Arena.

“We use the Yamaha consoles on an extremely wide variety of productions, from tiny to massive, and they’re constantly out there,” Mark continues. “We certainly get great value for money from them and, because they’re so reliable, apart from regular servicing we have total confidence that we can work them hard and won’t have any problems.”

Because Creative Technology has bases in Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia, Dimension Audio effectively has a global reach. So, in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong with the Yamaha equipment, a replacement is always close at hand from a nearby Yamaha dealer.

“It gives you great confidence to know that you can get hold of a spare or replacement pretty much anywhere on the planet,” says Mark. “You save the show on to a USB key and can load it on to a replacement console in seconds if there’s any problems.

“But the truth is that we don’t experience any problems, they really are extremely reliable.”

Two of Dimension’s more unusual recently jobs proved how, while the Yamaha LS9 may be small in terms of size and price, it’s big enough on facilities to deliver sound for the most high profile events.

The first took place at London’s O2 Arena. Not inside, as you might expect, but on the roof. A pair of LS9-16s were used to help both former footballer Terry Venables and then rockers Bon Jovi play shows 170 feet above the ground, helping to ensuring that these media-friendly events went off without a hitch.

With Venables launching his charity cover of Elvis Presley’s If I Can Dream and Bon Jovi kicking off their 12 date residency at the arena beneath, the Yamaha consoles provided monitoring to the artists and also relayed the events to Peninsula Square outside the O2. With the world’s media watching both shows, the LS9’s reliably ensured that the sound hit the required heights.

A more down-to-earth event was MINT Polo in the Park, a three day polo tournament held at London’s Hurlingham Park in front of over 25,000 spectators.

The event featured a new polo format, with eight teams of three players, a smaller pitch, point incentives for long shots on goal and various other changes making the sport more exciting for players and spectators alike.

One key change to regular polo was full match video coverage with live competitor commentary, the Yamaha LS9-16 console mixing the live commentary feeds with playback material to provide a soundtrack as exciting as the visual action.

“It was a fantastic event which has had a great response from the public. The commentary from the other team players throughout the tournament made for a wonderfully unique and sometime hilarious aspect to the matches,” says James Loveless, Dimension Audio project manager.


Products PM5D , M7CL-48ES , IPA8200

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