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Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center

Oct, 2010

The Diego Portales building was erected at the beginning of the 1970s as the headquarters for the United Nations third Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). It later became the Ministry of Education and was renamed "Centro Cultural Metropolitano Gabriela Mistral". The building assumed a new role in 1973 after the destruction of La Moneda (the Presidential Palace) during a military coup, which prompted the Executive Branch of government to take up residence there until 1981. Following the Chilean return to democracy in 1990 that ended military rule in the country, the building functioned as the new Ministry of National Defence, and also as a convention center, until a devastating fire in March of 2006 caused considerable damage throughout the structure; particularly to the main convention hall. Now, with a focus exclusively on the performing arts, the historical building has been completely refurbished and houses impressive facilities equipped with audio technology courtesy of YAMAHA and NEXO, making it one of the major cultural centers in Latin America.

In the main Music and Performing Arts theaters, two M7CL-48 consoles were installed for sound reinforcement and monitoring. Popular amongst audio engineers worldwide, this console was chosen for its versatility and remarkable ease of use. For those unfamiliar with the console, a brief tutorial and mere minutes of use often prove sufficient for basic operation during a performance.
The audio system features four full range, high fidelity 15 inch PS15 NEXO speakers providing a pure sound with superb clarity of tone, together with two RS15 sub-bass speakers that have been set in cardioid mode to prevent the stage from being flooded with unpleasant low frequencies. On the amplification front, NEXO’s NXAMP4X4 and NXAMP4X1 powered digital TD controllers, as well as Yamaha's Tn and P-S series amplifiers combine to deliver considerable potency. Shows can be recorded expertly from both rooms using the industry-standard MADI protocol. What's more, both rooms also come equipped with Steinberg's state of the art Cubase 5 music production software.
There are 5 other main spaces on the premises: one for music rehearsals, two for dance rehearsals, and the remaining two for theatre rehearsals; all of them feature Yamaha’s 01V96VCM digital consoles, NEXO's NX242 digital TD controllers, and PS8 and PS10 speakers amplified by Yamaha power amps, combining to produce a powerful, satisfying sound.

With 74 speakers lining the corridors, common areas and courtyards, a Yamaha IMX644 rackmount digital mixer controls the atmospheric music and the internal calling system throughout the entire center. This model was chosen for the breadth of tools it features for programming the system, such as equalizers, compressors, duckings, limiters and more.
Yamaha amplifiers power the system, both exhibiting spectacular performance and reliability, particularly when audio is required for extended stretches of time.

Chosen primarily for its incredible sonic range and great performance pre-amplifiers, the DM2000VCM is the ideal tool for recording and mixing in the Center’s recording studio. Perhaps just as impressive is the console's versatility; the DM2000VCM can also serve as a control surface for various DAW software suites and is capable of mixing in 5.1 format as well as THX norm, providing an environment that can be adapted to meet the needs of the most demanding engineers.

After spending four months in researching and designing, sound engineers Nelson Gomez-Mera and Cristian Fuentes S., of Yamaimport’s Installations Department, created technical bases for all the cultural center’s rooms and common areas; a huge space measuring 35,475m2 for the development of the arts, culture, and debate.
Roles in this project:
Project engineers integrate technology to the arts

The Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, located in the very center of Santiago de Chile, is the country’s biggest arts and culture project. This has been a challenge and it is with great pride that we have been able to take this project to fruition. As a professional team, we have designed a range of audio systems that meet the technical requirements of any kind of event that will be organized within this fantastic complex. The project has been a remarkable success equipping the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center with state-of-the-art digital technology and with fully expandable systems able to adapt to the new development and advances that define the dynamism of the technology industry as well as audio systems.


Location Santiago/Chile

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