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Yamaha power amplifiers are top of the league for two German football stadia

Feb, 2010

A problem faced increasingly by many leading European football clubs is what to do when their stadium - often originally built in the early-to-mid 20th Century - is no longer adequate for the needs of the modern supporter?

Bayer Leverkusen and Augsburg FCs both recently faced the dilemma of having stadia which could no longer fulfil 21st century expectations. High on the list of priorities was the provision of high quality audio. To achieve this they chose different options - Leverkusen to radically extend its existing facility, whereas Augsburg went for a completely new build achieving installations that feature 120 Yamaha power amplifiers and DME digital mixing engine control at two of Germany’s highest profile clubs.

In Leverkusen, the BayArena has undergone a massive rebuilding programme which has seen the facility increased to almost four times its previous size and now able to cater for 30,000 fans. Using a CobraNet network for maximum flexibility, Stage Systems installed 60 Yamaha PC4801N and 12 PC9501N amplifiers, with ACU16-C interfaces, driving 16 HK Audio line arrays hung from the stadium roof. Used for announcements and background music, the system fully integrates with a 100v Bosch Praesideo system for emergency and evacuation via a Yamaha DME64N digital mixing engine and 01V96VCM mixing desk, both with MY16-CII CobraNet interface cards, plus an NHB32-C network hub. A Crestron system allows the integrated running of a common operating interface for all functions.

Also providing capacity for over 30,000 fans, the brand new Impuls Stadium in Augsburg has seen the installation of a fully redundant audio system featuring 48 Yamaha power amplifiers, which matches the ambitious football team step for step in striving for the very best. The stadium has been designed to allow 20,000 further seats to be added in a second tier, if required, so the audio system needed to be highly flexible and expandable. Designed and installed by Stage Systems, it has a low-impedance CobraNet-based system for announcements and background music working alongside a 100v Variodyn emergency and evacuation system. 28 Yamaha PC2001N and 20 PC6501N power amplifiers drive 144 Bose loudspeakers via ACU16-C interfaces, managed by a Yamaha DME64N digital mixing engine and 01V96VCM digital console fitted with MY16-CII interface cards, via two NHB32-C network hubs. Through an intelligent link, it is possible to adjust the low-impedance system via the Variodyn system at any time.

“Whenever we require absolute reliability, we always rely solely on digital audio technology from Yamaha,” says Alexander Baron, one of the two managing shareholders of Stage Systems. “The Yamaha equipment is crucial to the reliability of the entire installation in both stadia and we know that, with its flexibility and power, expanding the systems will be very straightforward, should the need arise.” While League and Cup success is still the raison d’être of every football club in the world, nowadays high quality off the pitch is every bit as important as it is on it. There is unanimous agreement that both stadia are already proving a resounding success. The new BayArena is one of the most modern stadiums in Germany, while Augsburg now has a brand new facility which will last its football club for many decades. With Yamaha equipment forming the heart of the audio systems at both venues, fans and staff at both clubs know that they’ve never had it so good.


Products 01V96VCM , DME64N , ACU16-C , NHB32-C , PC-1N Series
Location Germany

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