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Tales of the Riverbank …. A full Yamaha system aids variety in County Kildare

Feb, 2010

Located 30 miles from Dublin, the Riverbank Arts Centre in the picturesque town of Newbridge, County Kildare, has a catchment area that is as wide and varied as the productions it stages. And when the venue needed to upgrade its audio system, a complete Yamaha solution fitted the bill perfectly.

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As with virtually everywhere else in the world, the Republic of Ireland is suffering its fair share of economic uncertainties. But it’s at times like these when, perhaps paradoxically, entertainment becomes ever more important - because it helps people to forget about their concerns for a while. With this in mind, the Riverbank Arts Centre was able to secure funding to invest in a state-of-the-art Yamaha audio system, to replace a system which wasn’t performing up to the standards required. “We put on everything from films to live bands and a wide range of theatre productions, everything from local to internationally-renowned shows,” says the Riverbank’s technical coordinator Damien Dollard. “The system needed to be very flexible, deliver surround sound and we also felt it was the right time to ‘go digital’, in order to maximise that flexibility. We looked at a number of systems, tested a lot of loudspeakers and the Yamaha products delivered everything we wanted. In addition, the physical size of the Installation Series subs was ideal for the auditorium.”

The Yamaha system comprises five T4n and one T5n amplifiers driving six Installation Series IF2112 2 x 12” full range loudspeakers, two IS1215 2 x 15” subs and four IF2112/AS 2 x 12” monitors. Two SB168-ES stage boxes route audio via a digital multicore to the front of house position, where an LS9-32 console is used for mixing live shows, with a second, 16 channel, LS9 used for mixing the sound for films. “The frequency ranges for live music are a lot greater then they are for theatre and the Installation Series loudspeakers cope extremely well with that,” Damien continues. “The system looks very neat, which is important as the auditorium is compact, and we can change the system settings very quickly for any kind of show. Using the SB168-ES stage boxes and digital multicore also means we can access the system from pretty much anywhere, really using the LS9s to their full potential. “The system can also be easily expanded in future, if required.”

With a wide catchment area, the Riverbank Arts Centre is an extremely popular venue and audiences have immediately noticed the improvement in audio quality of the new system. Damien concludes, “The sound quality is great, it has impressed everyone, making a noticeable difference straight away. Visiting sound engineers have also commented on the quality and it’s ease of use”


Products LS9 , SB168-ES , Tn Series , Installation Series
Location County Kildare, Ireland

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