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Yamaha system’s Sicilian success

Jul, 2010

Despite the financial constraints that most companies are finding themselves in at the moment, the superb performance:price ratio of Yamaha audio systems means that they offer remarkable value for money. Globally, many different types of venues are investing in Yamaha audio solutions, just one of which is Sicily’s Mambo Wine Bar.

Located in the Isola delle Femmine province of Palermo, Mambo Wine Bar combines sophisticated internal décor with stunning views of the island’s dramatic north coast. Enhancing the ambience is a Yamaha audio system, which is also giving the venue a significant audio advantage over a neighbouring club.

The bar’s owners wanted a high specification audio system whose quality would be the perfect complement both the high quality surroundings and exquisite coastal views. Having examined a number of different options, they chose the Yamaha system proposed by design and Palermo-based installation company Decibel Pro.

“The Yamaha system was not the least expensive option, but it was highly cost-effective in terms of the quality of the audio and equipment. This was the main factor in their decision to choose Yamaha,” says Decibel Pro’s Vito Priolo.

“They also have absolute trust in our knowledge of the best systems and we knew that Yamaha would deliver quality and, importantly, reliability in the challenging, salt-laden atmosphere of a coastal venue.”

The inside of the bar is covered by eight white, two way S15W loudspeakers, with the exterior seating areas using four Concert Club Series C112V mid-highs and two CW115V subs. Amplification is by two P5000S two channel units and one four channel XM4180.

“The club is extremely happy with the sound quality of the entire system,” says Vito. “The owners are also delighted that the system is able to outperform the audio output of the neighbouring nightclub.

“When the nearby venue has a DJ performing, Mambo Wine Bar has to turn down the Concert Club Speakers, because the DJ is poorly audible in his own venue!”


Products S15W , P5000S , XM4180

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