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Versatility is the key for Absolute Pro Audio

May, 2010

Occupying the former Neve premises in Litlington, Cambridgeshire, Absolute Professional Audio offers a wide range of sound demonstration, design, installation, commissioning and training services. At the heart of the company’s premises is a state-of-the-art studio, where a Yamaha 02R96VCM is providing much-needed versatility.

The company moved to the new, larger Litlington premises from nearby Melbourn because of ongoing expansion. A major attraction of the new building was a studio featuring a live room and two edit suite/control rooms, which had seen very little use and was in immaculate condition.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to create a high quality demonstration and training facility and also to set up a cutting edge recording studio,” says Absolute Pro Audio’s Phil Darke. “The first thing I did when everything was wired up was to mic up the new Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit we’d bought. As soon as I listened back I knew that acoustically we had found a very special room.”

Looking for a mixing console to complement such an impressive space, Phil chose the Yamaha 02R96VCM, whose versatility and ease of connectivity to a wide range of equipment were ideal for a studio that sees may different uses.

“A digital console with recall facilities was essential, because of the diverse use of the studio. As well as the console’s all-round suitability and, of course, excellent audio quality, the included VCM package and improved preamps made the 02R96VCM an obvious choice,” says Phil.

Versatility was key because, as well as for equipment demonstration and studio training, the company is marketing the studio as a high quality voiceover facility and for recording classical, jazz and folk music.

“The studio has already been in considerable demand for recording, with users really liking the flexibility and ease of use of the Yamaha console,” Phil adds.

“In addition, because of our wide range of installation work which includes hotels, restaurants, learning facilities, conference venues, public buildings, theatres and concert halls, it is extremely useful to bring clients here and demonstrate equipment, so they can hear for themselves and make an informed choice.

“We are looking forward to working further with manufacturers like Yamaha on this side of the studio business.”


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