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September, 2010

UNION integrates Yamaha consoles and stage boxes with 3rd party devices to expand the possibilities of networking audio for live events.

A UNION system combines components from Yamaha and compatible brands offering extremely high audio quality by optimising the audio distribution methods in the digital domain - with each signal passing AD and DA only once. UNION includes mixing functionality, speaker processing, power amplification, effect processing, 3rd party DSP plug-in functionality, audio distribution, routing, and recording. In addition to audio functionality, UNION supports non-audio Ethernet based connectivity such as video over Ethernet, DMX and ArtNET, and Ethernet based user interfaces including wireless systems using laptops and iPAD.

UNION is based on EtherSound, and therefore supports EtherSound components from Yamaha as well as from other manufacturers (see for a listing of Ethersound partners and products). UNION offers additional support for connectivity over CobraNet and Dante. Non- licensed audio networks such as OptoCore, Rocknet, and point to point connection formats such as MADI, LightViper, AVIOM are also supported through 3rd party interface cards.

UNION is designed with a dedication to audio quality, offering the highest quality 24-bit AD and DA conversion and microphone pre-amps, rock solid digital clocking circuitry, 32-bit DSP platform, audio-dedicated power supply design, and CE compliant electromagnetic shielding - evolved from over 20 years of experience in designing digital audio systems.

UNION supports 48 channel multi-track recording over the network as a standard without the need for any additional hardware. Any Windows PC or laptop can be used.

UNION adopts a 0dBFS system level to output modules eliminating level mismatches, amp clipping and speaker clipping. Output systems are offered as subsystems (NIOS) which connect directly to the network, with all connections on a simple front-access panel.

UNION supports a high level of reliability on both component and system level ensuring long investment cycles for users.

UNION components are designed to form stable systems - calibrated to withstand high levels of external influences, both mechanical and electrical.

UNION adopts the Ethersound ES100 redundant ring topology, securing the highest redundancy level on the market, covering all individual cables and ES100 network nodes in the system. Additionally, UNION offers separate Ethernet redundancy schemes for further redundancy of audio and Ethernet connections.

UNION is a full networked system which significantly increases the efficiency of touring logistics and set-up procedures compared to analogue and point-to-point systems, generating significant cost benefits for the user. At the same time, UNION removes virtually all distribution constraints caused by conventional cabling, allowing sound designers to expand their creative design options. Inputs from all over the network are available anywhere to be picked up by any amount of consoles or DME engines. Multiple returns and feeds can exist in any quantity, inserts can be routed anywhere. Placement of components is irrelevant - components can be connected anywhere in any order.

UNION supports incremental investments. Start small and add components as needed to keep pace with performance requirements. The high degree of compatibility and the massive market presence of UNION compatible consoles, engines and stageracks allow systems to be temporarily expanded easily by hiring components on the market.

UNION components can include:

  • M7CL48-ES digital live mixing console
  • SB168-ES stagebox
  • NAI48-ES AES/EBU bridge
  • AD8HR AD module
  • DME-ES Digital Mixing Engines
  • DME-N Digital Mixing Engines
  • MY16-ES64 EtherSound interface for all Yamaha mixing consoles
  • XP series power amplifiers
  • Tn series power amplifiers
  • TXn series power amplifiers
  • ACD1 networked amplifier control
  • NIOS (by Teqsas) front access panel for amp racks
  • PA systems IS series: bi-amped 8”,12”,15” sub 12”, 15”, 18”
  • RECO Tracker (by Teqsas) multitrack live recorder - Steinberg Nuendo
  • RECO Gateway (by Teqsas) wireless access point
  • CyberTEQ (by Teqsas) gigabit link modules
  • CT-DMX (by Teqsas) DMX/ArtNET connectivity
  • SoundGrid (by Waves) plug-in expansion for Yamaha consoles
  • MY cards interfaces for Dante, CobraNet, AES/EBU, SD/HD SDI, Optocore, Rocknet, Aviom, LightViper, SoundGrid, Tascam, Adat
  • EtherSound all EtherSound products from Auvitran, Digigram, Whirlwind, Nexo, and many others.
  • Video 3rd party Video over Ethernet systems from Bosch, Dlink, Sony and many others
  • Cabling touring grade CAT5 and fibre cabling using Neutrik EtherCON and OpticalCON connectivity
  • Legacy all MY16 compatible mixing consoles: 01V96VCM, 02R96VCM, DM1000VCM, DM2000VCM, LS9-16, LS9-32, M7CL-32, M7CL-48, PM5D, PM5D-RH, DSP5D.
  • Control systems Mac and Windows PC/laptops, Apple iPad, Crestron, AMX.

UNION components are offered by Yamaha and collaborating companies Teqsas, Neutrik, Waves, Steinberg.

UNION systems can be bought as components from individual suppliers, or as a turnkey system through an integrator.

Network Integrated Output Systems [NIOS]

Network Integrated Output Systems [NIOS] are sub systems adding amplification to UNION systems, significantly improving the system dynamic range by connecting seamlessly to the network audio level structure. NIOS offers perfectly matched speaker control DSP [Digital Signal Processing] for leading speaker manufacturers.

Where many loudspeaker systems rely on speaker system controllers with analogue inputs and outputs, NIOS connects directly to a Cobranet or EtherSound or Dante network, bypassing the output side’s D/A and A/D stages adding to the output noise floor. A digital connection increases the system’s dynamic range by several dB’s. Compared to AES/EBU equipped speaker system controllers, NIOS does not need a network to AES/EBU bridge, saving costs and cabling.

At the same time, NIOS adopts the 0dBFS [Full Scale] system level topology that has become widely accepted in the mixing, DSP and distribution side of audio systems - applying it to amplify or / speaker systems. Analogue level mismatches - known to often cause degeneration of system dynamic range of several dB’s, now are a thing of the past. By using appropriate power rated high-efficiency amplifiers, 0dBFS in a mixing console or DSP algorithm now precisely corresponds with the designed maximum SPL [Sound Pressure Level] the speaker system should reproduce, eliminating the possibility of clipping in both the amplifier and the speaker and preventing power output mismatches at high volumes.

To ensure a perfect match of the amplifier system to the loudspeakers, Yamaha offers speaker processing data for a broad range of leading speaker manufacturers, including of course Yamaha’s IS series. The philosophy on driving loudspeakers is clear: the amplifiers should support the speaker system’s designed maximum SPL output without clipping - with individual amplifiers tuned to match the overall SPL design.

Yamaha NIOS runs on a Digital Mixing Processor, including not only full speaker processing with crossover, delay, parametric EQ, 31-band graphic EQ, 4 notch filters, limiter and level monitoring, but also a full featured 16 channel digital mixer, allowing a NIOS system to be used stand-alone with just a few local analogue mic/line inputs or a stagebox for applications that don’t’ need a hardware mixing console. Both the speaker processing system and the mixer can be operated by wireless laptop.

Yamaha NIOS is a modular system, built around a central front panel made to Yamaha specifications by the German manufacturer Teqsas. Yamaha amplifiers and DME [Digital Mixing Engine] units can be selected according to the PA system’s requirements. An assembled NIOS amplifier rack has no connectivity at the back, the NIOS front panel holds all connections of the entire amplification system. For higher power ratings a dedicated power connector system can be added.

qty connector function
4 4P Neutrik SpeakON Bi-amped speaker outputs
4 3P Neutrik XLR local analogue inputs for stand-alone operation
2 RJ45 Neutrik EtherCON redundant ES100, CobraNet, Dante
1 RJ45 Neutrik EtherCON control port for DME
1 20A Neutrik PowerCON Power input(for higher ratings use dedicated)

Speaker connections can be patched to match the connected speaker system, connecting the appropriate amplifier configuration to speaker systems using 4 pole Neutrik Speak-On connectors. Patching includes bi-amping with different amplifiers to drive one speaker, and amp bridging for high power systems and subwoofer stacks. Processing presets are available for selected EAW, Electro-Voice, JBL, Martin Audio, Tannoy, Turbosound and of course Yamaha speaker systems. For other speaker systems, speaker processor settings can be set in the DME software, including crossover, delay, dynamics and parametric equaliser for each speaker. NIOS systems can be bought as separate modules, or pre-assembled as turn-key amp rack by one of Yamaha’s authorised system integrators.

NIOS systems can be composed of the following components:

Network protocol engine analogue I/O network I/O
EtherSound DME24N + MY16-ES64
8in, 8out
4in, 4out
0in, 8out
16in, 16out
16in, 16out
16in, 16out
CobraNet DME24N + MY16-Cii
8in, 8out
4in, 4out
0in, 8out
16in, 16out
16in, 16out
16in, 16out
Dante DME24N + MY16-AUD 8in, 8out 16in, 16out
Power amplifiers model power output @ 1kHz control I/O
XP XP7000
2 * 1100W/4ohm
2 * 750W/4ohm
2 * 590W/4ohm
2 * 390W/4ohm
2 * 155W/4ohm
Tn T5n
2 * 2500W/4ohm
2 * 2150W/4ohm
2 * 1500W/4ohm
PC01n PC9501n
2 * 1650W/4ohm
2 * 1150W/4ohm
2 * 800W/4ohm
2 * 700W/4ohm
2 * 450W/4ohm
multichannel IPA8200
8 * 200W/4ohm
4 * 120W/4ohm
4 * 250W/4ohm

System examples


Drives two bi-amped speakers componentes:
1 * NIOS panel
1 * DME4io-ES
HF: 1 * XP3500 2 * 700W/4ohm
LF: 1 * XP7000 2 * 1100W/4ohm
for detail see NIOS4 data sheet


Drives four bi-amped speakers componentes:
1 * NIOS panel
1 * DME8o-ES
1 * ACD1 amp controller
1 * HP1810-8G switch
HF: 2 * PC2001n 4 * 450W/4ohm
LF: 2 * T5n 4 * 2500W/4ohm
for detail see NIOS8 data sheet

‘Integrated live audio system’

Ethernet Based live mixing, processing, distribution, recording, amplification, lights, control
Data Sheet (PDF 1.6MB)

‘Live multi-track recording’

Live multi-track recording with Yamaha mixing consoles
Data Sheet (PDF 1.2MB)

‘Gigabit link segment’

Gigabit link segment in UNION systems with additional redundancy
Data Sheet (PDF 1.2MB)

‘SG Server’

Waves SoundGrid Server for Yamaha consoles
Data Sheet (PDF 1.5MB)

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