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European debut for innovative Yamaha loudspeaker technology at ProLight+Sound 2010

Mar. 09, 2010

Yamaha is taking commercial audio into a new realm at Prolight+Sound 2010, with the first European demonstration of its Thin Light Flexible (TLF) loudspeaker technology. Being shown for the first time outside Japan, TLF is a prototype technology which has produced a revolutionary and highly versatile loudspeaker.

Demonstrated on the Yamaha Music Europe GmbH stand F50, Hall 8.0, TLF Speaker technology is being shown to gather market feedback.

Developed by Yamaha’s Centre for Materials and Components Technologies, TLF has remarkable physical characteristics. It is around one millimetre thick and highly flexible, allowing it to be hung and rolled up like a poster. It’s also extremely light - just 400g for a speaker measuring one square metre. The additional attached cloth layer can be printed with any image or design using printing process, such as silk screening or an inkjet printer.

The acoustic characteristics of TLF are just as impressive. It is highly directional, emitting flat audio waves which mean sound can only be heard when the listener is standing directly in front of the TLF speaker. This directivity also means that any number of TLF speakers can be hung side by side, with almost no unwanted ‘crosstalk’ from one to the next.

The technology also produces a gradual decay curve which, together with the high directivity, means the possibility of feedback is virtually eliminated, compared to traditional loudspeaker design.

“The fact that we are able to develop products such as TLF demonstrates the wide range of Yamaha’s audio research and development capabilities. Together with our extensive ranges of loudspeakers, amplifiers and audio processors, the groundbreaking technology of TLF emphasises that Yamaha Commercial Audio is far more than just a mixing console manufacturer,” says Nick Cook, European Marketing Director for Yamaha Commercial Audio.

“We believe that TLF has many potential applications in the retail, advertising, public information and leisure markets as it makes possible a new era of posters and displays that can also broadcast highly directional audio. At ProLight+Sound we will be actively seeking input from potential users as to how such products might best be developed.”


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