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Yamaha consoles do Stirling service at Hogmanay


Edinburgh may dominate UK media coverage of the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations, but Hogmanay is celebrated throughout the rest of Scotland just as enthusiastically. A prime example is Stirling, where the countdown to midnight takes place against the spectacular backdrop of the city’s castle, a variety of live performances entertaining thousands of people. Helping to bring the chimes and skirl o’ the pipes to the 2010/11 revellers were a pair of Yamaha mixing consoles.

The event was managed by Zisys Events, which also provided the technical production. The multi-artist line-up was mixed on Yamaha M7CL-48ES consoles at front of house and monitors, linked to three SB168-ES stage boxes via an EtherSound network.

The evening featuring a range of acts, including the Heart of Scotland Choir, tribute act Madnish, the (arguably dubious) vocal talents of 2010 X Factor contestant Wagner, fellow former reality TV (and West End) star Darius Campbell and Skerryvore, a six-piece band who fuse electric and traditional Scottish instrumentation.

“Wagner was the only act who sang to playback, there was a lot of instrumentation for the other acts,” says Zisys manager Danny Anderson. “Skerryvore was quite complex, with two fiddles, bagpipes, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and a couple of vocals. Darius played with a very talented jazz band, who featured keyboards, trumpet, double bass and drums.”

Every act’s setup was saved as a scene, with Danny’s team soundchecking them during the afternoon, except for Wagner and Skerryvore.

“Skerryvore came straight from the Glasgow Hogmanay celebrations, but we’d done a show with them not long before, so we already had a show file ready to load,” Danny continues. “It was just a case of minimal tweaking during the first song. And with Wagner singing to playback, he was very straightforward to mix.”

With an eight-way wedge monitor mix also saved for each act, it meant that the event proceeded seamlessly, the Zisys crew keeping changeover times to just five minutes.

“We had Real Radio DJ Ewen Cameron covering the changeovers. He just had time to do a bit of banter, go into the crowd for a quick chat or run a competition and the next performance was ready to go,” says Danny. “The crew onstage worked very hard and the Yamaha consoles allowed setting up the mix for the next act to be virtually instant.”

With an internet connection and countless mobile phones carefully monitoring the precise time, at the appointed hour the pre-recorded midnight chimes were played and the 3,000-strong crowd welcomed 2011 under a canopy of exploding fireworks.

“It was a family show, so we had to keep the sound levels down to 105dB at the mix position - the fireworks were the loudest part,” Danny continues. “But it was a perfect night, very cold and clear. We had to put the gear in the day before, so there could have been issues with condensation. But the Yamaha equipment was fine, we had absolutely no problems.

Our client - Stirling Council - was very happy. They were amazed how well the event flowed, that it was kept going along at such a fast pace. It all went very well, aided very much by the Yamaha gear.”


Products M7CL-48ES , SB168-ES

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