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Yamaha Brings Audiences the Unique Experience of Yodel Rock


‘Yodel rock’ may sound like an esoteric brand of music, but it is a highly successful one for Swiss band Sonalp. Together with Sonoval – the sound company which usually supplies the band’s audio equipment - Yamaha equipment is helping to prove that the hills are alive with the sound of music.

Sonoval is built on foundations laid by Pierre-Alain Fumeaux, through his work with comedian and impressionist Yann Lambiel, and the company’s director of sound and light Valentin Jacquaz shows a maturity way beyond his 21 years in the way he is building up the company’s rental business.

Only the best is good enough for Valentin and so the many events that the company works on all use Yamaha digital mixing consoles. As well as working with Sonalp and a continuing relationship with Yann Lambiel, whose shows include equal measures of live music and spoken word, Sonoval works with a wide range of performers, organisations and festivals.

Valentin was the first audio professional in continental Europe to purchase the M7CL-48ES digital mixing console and the company’s Yamaha inventory also includes SB168-ES stage boxes, as well as more consoles, including M7CLs and LS9s.

“Yamaha equipment is a professional choice, the technology is 100% stable, many engineers know them and the price is also right,” he says. “I really like the combination of the M7CL-48ES and SB168-ES stage boxes because it is a very simple to use system, With just one CAT5 cable installation is also very fast and the audio quality is perfect.”

Philippe Grivel of Swiss Yamaha dealer Zap Audio is also Sonalp’s front of house engineer. Instead of lyrics, the band’s vocalists literally use their voices as instruments, while traditional instruments such as the accordion, fiddle, cowbell, Alpine horn and percussion - plus more esoteric ones like a bowed saw and even a five franc coin in a bowl - play alongside drums, bass and guitar.

Using specially-adapted microphones to get the best results from each instrument, Philippe specifies a Yamaha M7CL for the band’s live shows. “It delivers exceptional results, reliable, straightforward and is easily sourced in Switzerland or when we are performing in other countries,” he says.

“The way I mix the band is that I load the previous show, via Yamaha Studio Manager, and then mix like I am using an analogue console,” he says. “All it needs is a few adjustments during the line check. The number of faders means that ‘analogue-style’ mixing is possible and, using the onboard effects, it also takes up the minimum space when travelling.

He continues, “I also use the console to mix monitors - six mono and one stereo mix, all on in-ears. The combination of the M7CL, adapted mics and in-ear monitors works really well. The band like to know that they'll have the same sound at every show - all that changes is the venue and PA. It's comfortable for both them and I, so we can all perform at our best.”


Products M7CL-48ES , SB168-ES

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