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SSE Audio Invests in more Yamaha PM5Ds


SSE Audio Group, one of the UK’s leading audio service providers, continues to invest in Yamaha digital mixing consoles, adding a further five PM5D-RHs to its hire inventory in anticipation of the summer festival season.

Last year SSE used digital systems exclusively for monitors for the first time at many of the UK’s top festivals. PM5D-RH consoles were deployed at the monitor positions of Download, High Voltage, Lovebox, Oxegen, Global Gathering, T4 On the Beach, Field Day, Summer Sundae and at both V Festival sites.

So successful was the change that SSE Hire is doing the same this year and has invested in five additional PM5D-RHs, bringing SSE’s total inventory to 10, plus several rackmount DSP5Ds.

“The all-digital setups were a real success story last year,” says SSE sales manager Alex Penn. “It was an easy decision to invest in further PM5D-RHs as our festival and touring commitments grow ever bigger.

“The introduction of the DSP5D acting as a master output matrix between the two PM5D-RH monitor consoles has been another successful improvement for the 2011 season,” he continues. “As well as being the ideal monitor console, the PM5D is also well suited to the demanding environment of the UK’s fields, parks and aerodromes!”

Karl Christmas, senior manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio (UK) adds, “We are really pleased that the PM5D-RH is SSE’s console of choice for festival monitors. There can’t be many other large format digital consoles that are used in such numbers by a single rental company, which is testament to the PM5D’s reliability and ease of use. It continues to satisfy the ever higher expectations of the professional audio industry.”

The PM5D-RH was also at the centre of SSE’s recent demonstration day, held for the first time at the company’s London premises. On show was Nexo’s revolutionary new 45N-12 stage monitor, which was used in conjunction with a PM5D. Audio from the console was routed via Ethersound to a Nexo NXAMP 4X4. This allowed an all-digital signal chain, showing the 45N-12 off at its best.

Yamaha’s Neil Muir and Wayne Powell were on hand to demonstrate the StageMix iPad app for the M7CL and LS9 consoles, which enables wireless EQing and the control of monitor mixes.

“We had around 30 engineers enjoying an interesting and informative day, including the guys who work with Ray Davies (formerly of The Kinks),” says Alex. “They were so impressed that they came back the next day and took some of the Nexo wedges to Ray’s production rehearsals.”


Products PM5D-RH , M7CL-48 , LS9-32

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