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Yamaha Consoles Shamrock’n’roll in Rennes


While St Patrick is naturally associated most closely with Ireland, he is celebrated by Celtic people across the globe. Although the French city of Rennes may not be the first place that comes to mind, the annual Nuit de la Saint-Patrick concerts are the ideal way for anyone who wants to celebrate the Irish saint somewhere different to enjoy the beat of the bodhran and Riverdance-style dancing. Here Yamaha digital consoles help to ensure that the fiddles, pipes and shamrock’n’roll all sound their best.

Held for the past few years at the Bercy in Paris, this year the Nuit de la Saint-Patrick show moved to the Musikhall in Rennes. The 5000-capacity venue witnessed performances by over 100 artists in a show that lasted for over three hours, the concert being so popular that the Saturday evening show was repeated the following afternoon.

Combining traditional and contemporary performers, both amateur and professional, changeovers between them had to be fast and seamless, with all returning to perform together for the show’s climax. This made for a complex audio setup, which was supplied by Pleuven-based audio company Siwa - founded in 1985 by Jose Nédélec, a high profile French sound engineer who is also closely involved with the audio for many Breton festivals.

Jose’s extensive festival experience made Siwa the ideal choice of audio provider and he specified two Yamaha PM5Ds on monitors, which engineer Mathieu Briand ‘flip-flopped’ between for alternate artists, the mix being loaded and tweaked for the next artist while the current one was performing.

At front of house, an M7CL-48 console worked alongside the 96 channel main console, again alternating between artists, mixing to an L-Acoustics PA system. Meanwhile, because the show was also being broadcast, a DM2000 was used to sub-mix the production for both a 48 track ADAT recording and to an outside broadcast truck.

Because of the show’s complexity, all the Yamaha consoles were programmed in advance. “It was a tremendous advantage to be able to work offline with Studio Manager, it saved an enormous amount of time,” says Cédric Huet, chief technical officer at Siwa.

“We were ale to pre-program all the input and output patches, the EQ and effects, which we only then had to tweak once we were in the venue. We only had two half days in which to load in, set up and soundcheck, so pre-programming was enormously beneficial.

“The broadcast engineer, Jérémie Firebrand, also used Studio Manager with the DM2000, it enabled him to have all the parameters of the console visible at once, a practical solution for him having to manage several layers of faders.”

The Nuit de la Saint-Patrick certainly tested the skill and reflexes of the 30-strong Siwa sound crew, but the four Yamaha consoles ensured that the luck of the Irish wasn’t needed.


Products PM5D , M7CL-48 , DM2000VCM

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