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Belgium Gets into the Swing with Yamaha


Ethersound-based audio is now used on live events of all sizes, aided by the ease with which it can be integrated with Yamaha’s digital mixing consoles. Belgian company Swing is the latest rental house to invest in Yamaha equipment and take advantage of the many benefits of completely digital audio systems.

Based in Merelbeke, near Gent, Swing owns two Yamaha M7CL-32 consoles, which are in great demand for a range of events. Company owner Dany de Letter was keen to invest in an Ethersound ‘digital snake’ solution to enhance the audio quality of Swing’s productions and so purchased two Yamaha SB168-ES stage boxes, plus two MY16-EX and two MY16-ES64 interface cards.

In addition, an LS9-16 plus a further SB168-ES and MY16-ES64 have also been added to the company’s rental stock.

“The M7CL was in great demand and I knew that Ethersound could be easily added via Yamaha’s mini-YGDAI interface cards,” says Dany. “I had heard nothing but good reports about the SB168-ES, so it made sense to upgrade our hire M7CLs with an all-Yamaha Ethersound solution.

“We are fortunate to be very busy with rentals, so added the LS9 and a further stage box to gives us a completely new, all-digital system as well.”

Yamaha Music Europe’s Benelux branch supported the sale with application engineer Ruben van der Goor running a training session for Swing’s in-house engineers on how to get the most from Ethersound.

“Overall, the new equipment has greatly improved the sound quality and flexibility that we can offer,” adds Dany. “Together with Yamaha’s StageMix app, it has given us some very powerful tools.”


Products M7CL-48ES , SB168-ES

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