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‘Anything Goes’ for Yamaha M7CL at Slovenian National Theatre

Apr, 2011

When one of Slovenia’s premier theatres was looking to replace an existing analogue mixing console with a digital version, the venue’s technical team had a long list of requirements that the new desk had to fulfil. Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, a Yamaha M7CL-32 was the ideal solution.

Established in 1955 in Nova Gorica, Slovensko Narodno Gledališče (the Slovenian National Theatre, or SNG) is a venue which stages a wide range of productions, from light comedies to high drama, by both Slovenian and foreign writers. The theatre is noted both for its award-winning creatives and a willingness to experiment making it a venue where, technically, ‘anything goes’.

Although its existing Yamaha PM5D and DM1000 consoles and Outline Audio PA system are working reliably, the SNG technical team had another analogue console which needed replacing. In doing so, they wanted to replace it with one which could handle all of the theatre’s varied requirements and work seamlessly with the other equipment.

“The console had to perform all the tasks that a theatre production at the highest level demands,” says Aleš Štefančič of Ljubljana-based Audio Pro, who were asked to supply and install the new desk.

“These include working with scenes, adding special effects via internal effects units, enabling scene transitions, recall safe options and - most of all - it had to be easy to operate for any visiting engineers who had been working with analogue consoles for most of their careers.”

The answer to all the requirements was a Yamaha M7CL-32, which is being adopted in many theatres at both regional and national levels throughout Europe because of its flexibility and ease of use. Taking all of the SNG technical demands in its stride, it also had the significant advantage of Yamaha mixing consoles being used so widely.

“Yamaha consoles are very well known among sound engineers and demand very little time for the education of technical staff, due to the straightforward user interface,” says Aleš. “It meant that staff could use the M7CL very quickly and easily, with no interruption to the theatre’s busy schedule.

“The M7CL offered everything that the project demanded plus, of course, Yamaha consoles have been proven time and again to be extremely reliable.”

He concludes, “The console is in use on a daily basis and the theatre staff are extremely happy with it.”


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