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Yamaha’s Westminster Presence Grows at Central Hall

Aug, 2011

Along with a certain high profile wedding, Westminster Abbey’s installation of Yamaha DME series digital mixing engines was a significant event in the spring of this year. But that’s not the only new Yamaha installation in the area, as Central Hall Westminster is now home to an LS9 digital mixing console.

Built in 1912 and situated opposite the iconic Abbey, the Grade II-listed Central Hall is central London’s largest event space, whose roof features the world’s second largest free-standing concrete dome. Hosting conferences, lectures, live music, exhibitions and weddings, Central Hall has over 20 spaces which range in size from the 2160-capacity Great Hall to syndicate rooms which host 20.

“In the Great Hall we host events ranging from major conferences to live performances by full orchestras,” says Maria Schuett, Central Hall marketing manager. “High-quality sound for corporate conferences, awards/gala dinners and concerts of all kinds is a must, so we require cutting edge technology to achieve this equally well at all of them.”

Kent-based Eclipse Presentations is contracted to run Central Hall’s audio/visual facilities and, when a revamp of the facilities became necessary, they invited Professional Sound Consultancy, of Haverhill, Suffolk, to do the upgrade.

Professional Sound Consultancy did a full survey and recommended replacing the Great Hall’s mixing console, alongside installing additional PA speakers.

“I looked at a range of options and chose the LS9-32 because it would deliver what was needed and came within the available budget,” says Paul Taylor, the company’s general manager.

“A big benefit of the LS9 was the use of scenes,” he continues. “We created the most-used scenes and worked with the Eclipse engineers so that they can now programme scenes for any event. A lot of the engineers who work there were acquainted with LS9 anyway, so there wasn’t much of a learning curve - that familiarity helped to make the choice popular with the staff.”

The widespread familiarity of the LS9 has also been of benefit when productions bring visiting engineers. Once they know that one is installed, they will invariably be happy to use the house console.

The system upgrade also saw improvements to the Great Hall’s a/v infrastructure, making the system as versatile as possible. It allows the LS9 to handle monitors as well as the front of house mix, providing monitor feeds to eight different groups of loudspeakers, including one for the hall’s organist.

“We had a lot of support from Yamaha, which was very much appreciated,” says Paul. “The LS9 has allowed the Great Hall’s system to be much more versatile and Central Hall’s staff have said that they are very happy with it.”

“The LS9 has helped us to deliver the necessary high quality sound for all the events that take place in the Great Hall,” confirms Maria. “It reinforces our position as the largest event space in Central London and creates a competitive edge over other venues. “

Andy Munro, technical manager for Eclipse Presentations, adds, “The LS9’s many onboard features allow our team at Central Hall to instantly recall digital ‘room settings’. It has also freed up valuable space in our control area by replacing analogue, rack mounted fixtures that were previously installed.”


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