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Swiss Home Gets Smart with Yamaha

Apr, 2011

The concept of home entertainment is now reaching the point where, for those with the means, almost anything is possible using a wide array of professional and prosumer technology. The former is very much in evidence in a Swiss installation, where 15 Yamaha DME series units are helping to distribute high quality sound throughout a large property.

Based in Gland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, Smart Home specialises in bespoke systems for home entertainment, automation and remote control. The company’s client (who prefers to remain anonymous) owns a large villa and wanted to have a high specification, distributed audio system with a wide range of input sources, as well as loudspeakers in every room.

To ensure maximum flexibility and audio fidelity, Smart Home’s Julien Descollaz designed an Ethersound-based system, which used six Yamaha DME8i-ES and nine DME8o-ES, supplied by Geneva-based Zap Audio.

The six Yamaha DME8i-ES are located in the house’s central rack room and accommodate inputs from FM tuners, internet radio, audio servers and Apple TV units. Additionally, a number of iPod docking stations are placed in common areas of the house.

Two of the DME8o-ES output units are located in the main rack, four in an attic rack and three more in a basement rack, which feed amplifiers and loudspeakers on their respective floors. The system is controlled via both wall-mounted and wireless Crestron touch panels, with routing achieved by an Auvitran matrix switcher.

“Because of the layout of the house, we needed to find a solution where we could de-centralise the system, which would use comparatively few cables,” says Julien. “I had already worked with a similar system on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner and knew that it would deliver the practical installation benefits, but also the flexibility and quality that the client demanded.”

He continues, “The onboard processing of the Yamaha DME units is extremely useful, it means that the Crestron system can make volume and EQ adjustments directly from them, and the audio quality is very transparent.

“This was a very important project for us and I’m pleased to report that we surpassed our client’s expectations in designing a reliable and straightforward to operate entertainment system throughout the property”.


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