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Yamaha M7CLs keep the urban beat at Slovenia’s Kino Šiška

Mar, 2011

Converted from a former cinema, Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is a centre for contemporary and urban creativity which embraces live music, theatre, dance, film, visual exhibitions and more experimental forms of entertainment. Also included are rehearsal rooms and a recording studio, so the audio demands of the venue are wide-ranging and diverse. The perfect environment for a pair of Yamaha M7CL-48 mixing consoles.

Venues which are designed to embrace non-mainstream entertainment are generally, by necessity, relatively small. But Kino Šiška bucks this trend, with an overall area of 2,468 m2 and featuring two auditoria - the Katedrala hall (capacity: 800 standing or 450 seated) and the Komuna hall (capacity: 120 seated).

A key part of the venue is its state of the art technical infrastructure, which is designed to support even the most demanding multimedia acts. Installed by Ljubljana-based Audio Pro, the two M7CLs were specified because of their ability to fulfil the requirements of modern music, theatre and dance productions.

One of the consoles is installed in the Katedrala hall tone booth. Located at balcony height by the auditorium’s rear wall, this provides a dedicated technical environment for front of house audio, video and lighting engineers, when working with productions like dance, fashion shows and cinema shows which do not allow for a conventional FOH setup in the stalls. The second M7CL, meanwhile, is movable and used for shows when a conventional FOH position is in use.

“We had to ensure that the mixing consoles could run up to 16 lines from the monitor position and up to eight from the FOH position,” says Audio Pro’s Aleš Štefancic. “It had to have total recall and the ability to run four separate outputs for the FOH PA system, as the hall’s PA is running left, right, centre and sub clusters through four different matrix outputs.”

He continues, “Most importantly, the consoles have be extremely reliable, as the venue regularly puts on up to 20 shows a month. The M7CL was the only product that met all our demands, is widely known amongst technicians and it also has the best price to performance ratio.”

From jazz to heavy metal, electronica to esoteria, poetry recitals to performance art and paintings, Kino Šiška is proving a huge influence in revitalising Slovenia’s arts scene. The Yamaha M7CLs are playing a pivotal role in its success.

“The consoles work like a charm and are used on about 90% of the shows,” says Aleš. “The venue is really happy with them.”


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