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    Yamaha Consoles Ensure Revamped Ritz Is A Cracker

    One of Manchester’s leading live music and club venues, the Ritz, has recently reopened after a major refurbishment. The £2m project included a completely new audio system, which features two Yamaha M7CL-48 mixing consoles.

    Yamaha Helps Dutch Cancer Charity Reach the €20m Summit

    The Netherlands charity KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) has over 120,000 volunteers which help it to raise awareness of cancer and funds towards patient support and furthering cancer research. One of its annual highlights is the Alpe d'HuZes, which sees thousands of cyclists climb the French mountain Alpe d'Huez. Concluding with a live concert at the resort on top of the mountain, Yamaha equipment helped the 2011 event to raise a record amount of money.

    Yamaha Rocks Wroclaw at Poland’s Biggest New Year Celebration

    Ushering in the new year was the focus of many of the world’s countries at the end of 2011, with Poland no exception. Getting 2012 off to a great start was the city of Wroclaw, which hosted the country’s biggest celebration and featured no less than six Yamaha digital mixing consoles.

    Yamaha System Helps Bring Siege Mentality to MACBA

    Lasting 1395 days, the siege of Sarajevo was one of the darkest episodes witnessed by mainland Europe since the Second World War. Revisited in a major exhibition at the world famous Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Yamaha audio technology is helping to bring a powerful depiction of the siege to life.

    • Barcelona
    • Jan,2012

    Time To Move On for Paul Carrack with Yamaha M7CLs

    After using two rented Yamaha M7CL digital mixing consoles on a trio of highly successful concerts with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra last year, British songwriter extraordinaire Paul Carrack was so impressed that he and his production team felt it was Time To Move On from their existing analogue sound rig. They went straight out and purchased a pair.

    La Esfera Enjoys Rounded Sound with New Yamaha System

    The domed roof of La Esfera (The Sphere) is a distinctive feature of the city of Alcobendas, north of Madrid, Spain. Hosting a variety of live entertainment, a recent major upgrade of the venue has seen a Yamaha / Nexo digital audio system installed.

    BBC Northern Ireland Upgrades with Yamaha

    BBC Northern Ireland has upgraded its dubbing studios with another Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console, adding considerable flexibility to the facility.

    • UK
    • Feb, 2011

    Game, Set and Match to Crosspoint Solutions and the Yamaha M7CL

    Flexibility, sound quality and portability are just some of the requirements which equipment used by Crosspoint Solutions needs to deliver to its clients in the international broadcast market. The company has just purchased a Yamaha M7CL-32 digital mixing console, which recently served audio aces at the Australian Open tennis championship.

    • UK
    • Feb, 2012

    Yamaha Adds to the Drama at Schauspielhaus Graz

    One of Austria’s most celebrated theatres, Schauspielhaus Graz (the Graz Playhouse) has a history that is every bit as tempestuous as some of the Shakespearean plays it stages. Recently it has undergone a major technical upgrade, which has seen its inventory of Yamaha audio equipment considerably increased.

    • Austria
    • Feb, 2012

    Yamaha Helps Bring 600 Years of History up to Date at Warsaw’s Royal Castle

    Warsaw’s Royal Castle is one of Poland’s most famous and historic buildings, its 90m long façade and three spires leaving the city’s residents in no doubt as to its importance. Nowadays a venue for major events like official visits, state meetings and concerts, the recent installation of a state-of-the-art digital audio network has seen Yamaha equipment entrusted with audio mixing and system processing duties.

    • Poland
    • Feb, 2012

    Yamaha Provides Flexible Sound at Ashton Central Mosque

    When the construction of a northern bypass for Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester, meant the compulsory purchase and demolition of the town’s longest-established mosque, a brand new facility was constructed in its place. Built in less than a year, Yamaha amplifiers and digital networking are a central feature of its audio specification.

    • Manchester, UK
    • Feb, 2012

    Westfield Stratford City Is Full of Eastern Promise

    Following on from the opening of Westfield London in 2008, the retail giant recently opened an even bigger facility in the east of the city. Following the success of the Yamaha installation at its predecessor, Westfield Stratford City features a much larger, even more flexible system.

    • London, UK
    • Mar, 2012

    Yamaha Helps Keep Mahen Theatre at the Forefront of Technology

    Despite its 130 year age and mix of historic architectural styles, the Czech Republic’s Mahen Theatre has always been at the forefront of technology. Now it has again embraced the latest ideas with the installation of a full Yamaha DME-based Ethersound network, complementing its existing Yamaha digital mixing consoles.

    • Czech republic
    • Mar, 2012

    Yamaha and Nexo Deliver the High and Lola Lo Frequencies

    Eclectic Clubs & Bars’ South Pacific-themed Lola Lo venues are providing much happy talk amongst students in eight of the UK’s major towns and cities. Ensuring that the music Tikis along nicely in two of them are Yamaha / Nexo audio systems.

    • London
    • Apr, 2012

    Swedish Education Embraces WORKproCA Loudspeakers

    In 2011, Yamaha Commercial Audio announced an exclusive distribution agreement for Spanish manufacturer Equipson’s WORKproCA contractor series. Since then, the series has been used in a wide range of installations across Europe. One sector that has seen extensive use of the products is Swedish education, where systems need to be both efficient and highly cost-effective.

    • Malmö, Sweden
    • May, 2012

    Yamaha DM1000s Do The Lord’s Work

    Ever since Riverdance came to international prominence, via a legendary first performance at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, there has been an insatiable demand for productions like Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance, Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger. Two Lord of the Dance troupes are currently touring, with Yamaha DM1000 digital mixing consoles ensuring that artists, audiences and promoters alike are kept happy.

    Yamaha Goes With The Grain At Maassilo

    The issue of what to do with industrial buildings once they are no longer needed for their original purpose is a familiar one to urban planners. But in Rotterdam, Holland, a 106 year old grain silo has found a new lease of life as a music and corporate event venue. Historic the building may be, but its brand new Yamaha audio specification is anything but.

    • Rotterdam, Holland
    • May, 2012

    Yamaha CL5 Is Caught By The Temper Trap

    Australian indie rockers The Temper Trap are the first band to tour with one of Yamaha’s new CL series consoles. Heading straight off the production line and into rehearsals for the band’s world tour, the CL5 has made an indelibly positive impression on monitor engineer Gabriele Nicotra.

    Yamaha Ensures The Birds Of A Feather Don’t Get In A Flap

    A little piece of Chigwell has spent the past four months visiting destinations as far afield as Blackpool, Bath and Cardiff, as one of Britain’s best-loved sitcoms - Birds of a Feather - enjoys a new lease of life in theatres across England and Wales. A Yamaha LS9-16 digital mixing console and StageMix iPad app have ensured that, in the sound department at least, the flight has been smooth.

    • UK
    • July, 2012

    Education, Religion and Entertainment - Yamaha CL5 Has It All Covered At The Royal Albert Hall

    Hot on the heels of Australian indie rockers Temper Trap being the first band to tour with a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console on monitors, mid-May saw the first shows to use a CL5 at front of house. The three sold-out events at London’s Royal Albert Hall were all very different and Reading-based SFL Group found that the CL5 delivered everything expected of it - and more.

    • London
    • July, 2012

    Yamaha Scores At UEFA EURO 2012

    Within days of their manufacture, four of Yamaha’s new CL series consoles were given a very high profile assignment in the challenging environment of four football stadiums at the 2012 UEFA European Football Championships. Four M7CLs were also specified for the tournament.

    • Poland / Ukraine
    • Poland/Ukraine, July 2012

    1000 Yamaha Amplifiers Is A Grand Achievement For Finnkino

    One of the most vital components of a cinema audio system is its power amplifiers. High volumes and critical surround mixes mean that cinemas need to deliver the very best quality sound, which is why Finnkino - the biggest cinema chain in Finland - recently passed the milestone of installing it’s 1000th Yamaha amplifier.

    • Finland
    • July 3rd, 2012

    Invisible Link - Yamaha Digital Mixing Engines Provide The Perfect Foundation For Helsinki Music Centre

    The technology, flexibility and reliability of Yamaha audio equipment has made it the benchmark for today’s live music industry. However, many venues feature installations of high specification Yamaha technology performing functions which are just as important and advanced, but much less visible. A prime example is the DME series of digital mixing engines, which are a major feature of one of Europe’s most technically advanced venues, the Helsinki Music Centre.

    • Helsinki
    • July, 2012

    Yamaha PM1D Hitch Hikes To The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe

    June and July have seen a Yamaha PM1D digital mixing console temporarily updated with an Infinite Improbability Drive as it helps to provide the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything on a unique theatre tour of Douglas Adams’ legendary Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

    Yamaha CL5 Celebrates In Spain

    Some of Spain’s highest profile musicians performed at a special 20th anniversary festival for Spanish music station Cadena 100 Radio in June. Sound engineer Bori Alarcón chose a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console for the performance by vocalist and actor Dani Martin, marking the console’s festival debut in the country.

    • Cadena
    • August, 2012

    Yamaha CL5 Makes Outdoor Classical Debut

    June saw an event which marked another ‘first’ for Yamaha’s new CL series of digital mixing consoles - the first time one had been used at an outdoor classical concert.

    • Rheda
    • August, 2012

    Yamaha CL5 To The Rescue With SSE

    A major refurbishment of the Rescue Rooms, part of the Nottingham Rock City venue complex, has seen the first UK installation of a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console. Supplied and installed by SSE Audio Group, the CL5 gives performers and their engineers the benefits of the very latest digital mixing technology.

    • Nottingham
    • September, 2012

    Yamaha Loudspeakers Deliver Classical Excellence At The Science Museum

    This summer, the Philharmonia Orchestra has given people the chance to literally ‘get inside’ a symphony orchestra at its Universe of Sound exhibition at the Science Museum, London. A key part of the exhibition is letting the public hear exactly the same sounds as musicians in the orchestra’s different sections, which is why Yamaha MSP5 and SW10 loudspeakers were chosen for their precise reproduction qualities.

    • London
    • September, 2012

    Yamaha Equipment Dominates IBC2012

    As a ‘must attend’ event for the movers and shakers of the world’s broadcast industry, Amsterdam’s International Broadcast Convention (IBC) has to provide the very best facilities. Key amongst these are high quality audio systems, to ensure that the many conference sessions come across clearly. With Yamaha CL series mixers and the company’s latest loudspeakers dominating this year’s event, not a single nuance was lost.

    • Amsterdam
    • September, 2012

    First Yamaha CL5 Broadcast Installation Is Top Of El Hormiguero

    The first broadcast installation of Yamaha’s new CL series consoles has taken place in Spain, at the heart of one of the country’s most popular television programmes. Attracting a primetime audience of millions, El Hormiguero (The Anthill) is a chat show that features celebrity guests in a mix of entertainment, science, politics, comedy and sport. Two CL5s and an M7CL-48 have delivered a highly flexible solution to its complex audio requirements.

    • Madrid
    • October, 2012

    WORKproCA Loudspeakers Deliver Animal Magic At Zoom Torino

    Zoom Torino is a zoological and family entertainment park in the north-west of Italy, dedicated to faithfully reproducing the habitat of exotic creatures for the benefit of both visitors and the animals alike. Yamaha amplifiers and WORKproCA loudspeakers have been installed in the visitor areas to help maximise the park’s educational value.

    • Italy
    • October, 2012

    Dugan-MY16 Has The Right Mix For Question Time

    Since making its European debut at ProLight+Sound in March, the Dugan-MY16 automated mic mixing card for Yamaha digital mixers is already proving a major success in the broadcast market. This includes use on BBC One’s Question Time, the UK’s flagship political debate programme.

    • UK
    • November, 2012

    Yamaha CL5 Does Sterling Service

    Manchester-based Sterling Event Group (SEG) is a single-source supplier for the corporate, commercial and private event markets which specialises in providing creative, technical and production expertise and skills, using the latest available technology. The latest step in delivering its services has recently been taken with the purchase of a Yamaha CL5 digital mixing console from A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd’s Audio division.

    • UK
    • November, 2012

    From Punk to Panto - Yamaha Helps Bring A New Golden Era To Fairfield Halls

    2012 has seen Croydon’s Fairfield Halls celebrating its 50th anniversary as one of south London’s premier arts and live music venues. The golden jubilee has also marked the next phase of a comprehensive technical upgrade, increasing its inventory of Yamaha digital equipment.

    • Fairfield Halls, GB
    • December, 2012

    The End Of The World Is Nigh… And The Soundtrack’s Managed By Yamaha

    According to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar, the world will end on 21st December. PortAventura, one of Spain’s biggest theme parks, is marking the occasion by putting on a spectacular display in its Templo del Fuego (Temple of Fire) in which two Yamaha DME64N digital mixing engines play a vital role.

    • PortAventura, Spain
    • December, 2012

    Yamaha Digital Consoles Get Festive Again (and Again)

    Almost as much a part of the festive season as tinsel and Christmas trees, the annual December UK tour by evergreen rockers Status Quo has this year been wryly dubbed Quofestive. With one of the very first PM5Ds still doing faultless service at front of house - and three M7CLs - the tour is enjoying a major Yamaha presence.

    • UK
    • December, 2012

    Yamaha Helps CRC Spread The Gospel Across London

    Bringing worship to people across London, the Christian Revival Church (CRC) holds services in a range of different venues. Because of this peripatetic existence, when CRC recently needed to invest in its first digital audio system it had to be more akin to a touring rig than a usual church setup. A Yamaha CL3 digital console and 17 DSR112 loudspeakers were the answer.

    • London, UK
    • December, 2012

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