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Yamaha Adds to the Drama at Schauspielhaus Graz

Feb, 2012

One of Austria’s most celebrated theatres, Schauspielhaus Graz (the Graz Playhouse) has a history that is every bit as tempestuous as some of the Shakespearean plays it stages. Recently it has undergone a major technical upgrade, which has seen its inventory of Yamaha audio equipment considerably increased.

First opened in 1776, the theatre burned down in 1823, was rebuilt from the original plans and reopened in 1825, closed in 1953 and was renovated and reopened once more in 1964. Renowned throughout Austria for its staging of plays which range from ancient folk tales and legends, through Shakespeare to provocative modern productions, the theatre’s last major technical upgrade was at the turn of the 21st century.

Since then smaller upgrades have taken place, which have seen the installation of Yamaha 02R96, PM5D and LS9-16 mixing consoles. Such has been the success of them that, when another major technical upgrade was due, Yamaha digital technology was the first choice of the venue’s sound engineers Martin Arnold & Josef Schober.

“Our main criteria for the new audio equipment was stability and reliability,” says Josef. “We have used the existing Yamaha digital consoles for several years without any problems and so we were happy to add more Yamaha equipment.”

In the main auditorium, a new M7CL-48ES console and three SB168-ES stage boxes have been added to the existing PM5D. The new console is connected to the PM5D via the theatre’s CobraNet network, allowing both consoles to access the inputs from the stage boxes and to send output signals to the main PA system via CobraNet.

The theatre also includes a rehearsal hall and studio theatre. In the rehearsal hall a new LS9-16 console and SB168-ES stage box are linked via an EtherSound network with 12 connection points. Depending on the requirements of different performances, the console and stage box can be moved to any of the connection points, which provides maximal flexibility.

Meanwhile, the studio theatre now houses the existing LS9-16 and 02R96 consoles, which are linked to the loudspeaker system and the venue’s main CobraNet network via an NHB32-C hub.

“We are very happy with the system,” adds Josef. “Using modern sound reinforcement for historic plays is always difficult, but the flexibility and reliability of the Yamaha equipment means that audiences always get the best experience.”


Products M7CL-48ES , PM5D , SB168-ES , LS9-16
Location Austria

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